Mars in Pisces, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

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As Mars in Pisces surrenders to the attraction, Moon in Cancer will hold him and keep him safe. This relationship will be a tender fusion of dreams and nurturing, with unrivaled emotional connection.

Mars in Pisces wants to lose himself in the romance. When he’s attracted to someone, he moves forward with the intent to capture his target’s heart while sacrificing himself. This mixture of seduction and sacrifice comes from Mars in Pisces’ desire to transcend the real world through sex. He’s looking for the ultimate union and seeking the divine through his lover. In theory, this sounds terribly romantic. In practice, things can go off the rails if he has issues with addiction, self-destruction or perpetual disillusionment.

Moon in Cancer needs a home. She is the Mother and Child, and will manifest both at different points in her relationship. Her core need is for security, and she will attempt to create a nurturing union with her lover. She can be intensely mothering, moody, soothing and needy, sometimes all in one day. Her attachment to the past and her family will be strong, even if those memories are not pleasant. Therefore, family/parent issues will color her relationship.

Mars in Pisces will be drawn to Moon in Cancer’s mothering qualities — his sensitivity and bouts of melancholy will be soothed by her instinctive protection. Moon in Cancer will sense that Pisces needs to be looked after, and she won’t hesitate. These two can lose themselves in each other, but Cancer will ensure that Mars in Pisces maintains some connection to reality. However, if her unresolved family issues and his unhealthy habits are dominant, these two can end up enabling each others’ worst aspects as they become mired in dark, depressive scenarios. Caution will be needed to ensure that emotional indulgence does not turn into codependency.

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