Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo Compatibility

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This odd pairing combines Aquarius’ liberation from the norm with Virgo’s tight focus on details. Not much in common, right? Actually, the secret to this relationship is their shared intellectualism.

Mars in Aquarius is the experimenter. He’ll want to break some rules with a suitable partner, especially in the bedroom. Mars in Aquarius won’t be pushy, but it’s essential for him to try out what’s new. He pursues unique sensations as a way of feeling his body — as an Air sign, he can be quite detached from the physical world. In all areas of the relationship, he will disregard routine and calmly, but fixedly, do things his way.

Moon in Virgo needs crises. These crises can be strange, little mundane issues in the relationship that her lover doesn’t notice. But they will lead to Moon in Virgo’s other need — the need to improve something. The continuous cycle of broken-to-fixed can be exhausting for the partner, if it’s overdone (which will happen if she’s insecure or anxious). When she’s secure, this Moon can be an incredibly attentive partner who makes sure all her lover’s desires are fulfilled.

Mars in Aquarius may find Virgo’s odd fixations interesting enough to approach her. He’ll sense a kindred spirit in her analytical nature. Moon in Virgo will feel comfortable with Aquarius’ not-too-aggressive approach. The chemistry won’t be scorching, but there will be enough intrigue to keep them together. If they do attempt a relationship, Moon in Virgo will have to deal with Aquarius’ rebellious tendencies — he may simply refuse to do X, Y or Z, no matter how crucial she feels it is for his health. But, he’ll always be tolerant of her tightly-wound ways; his cool logic will calm her down when she gets worked up. And, he’ll appreciate her willingness to join him in his experiments, while improving his techniques.

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