Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Libra Compatibility

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This social partnership blends Aquarius’ openness with Libra’s need for relationships. Connections with others will be a natural expression for these two, and will keep the union fresh.

Mars in Aquarius combines a detached approach with intense curiosity. This means he’s always on the lookout for what’s new, but he doesn’t lose himself in any one person or partnership. This is not to say that Mars in Aquarius can’t be loyal to his lover — with the right person, he will commit. But he must have the freedom to initiate things his way, and his actions/sexual expression won’t be warm and fuzzy. He expresses desire by spending time with his partner, and exploring new experiences with her.

Moon in Libra needs to feel that she is her lover’s one and only. But at the same time, she can feel weighed down by too much emotional connection. As an Air sign, she feels secure with the idea of a Supreme Romance, but she still wants the freedom to connect with other people. Moon in Libra can be fickle. But her need for a primary, loving connection ensures that she will pour all her energy into a union with a partner who achieves that balance of loyalty and lightness.

Mars in Aquarius will be attracted to Libra, although the connection may be more about curiosity than passion. Moon in Libra will feel comfortable with Aquarius’ approach — he’ll be direct but not aggressive, intense by not heavy. And the sense that he’s not quite there 100% of the time will prevent Libra from feeling suffocated. She’ll feel secure with his loyalty and will appreciate his understanding that she needs to make other connections. Mars in Aquarius won’t be upset if she occasionally flirts. He’ll find her moods interesting (rather than frustrating) as she swings back and forth between emotional extremes. A mutual understanding of each other’s social impulses will prevent things from getting stale.

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