Mars in Gemini, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Gemini’s quick actions and snappy flirtations will grab Moon in Leo’s attention, while appealing to her need for romance. He’ll continually come up with new ways to make Leo feel special, and she’ll fuel Gemini with her abundant radiance.

Mars in Gemini always has a new angle to impress the object of his affection. There’s no danger of him falling into a rut, because he’s constantly chasing down the newest thing, or coming up with clever ideas to challenge his lover. Mars in Gemini is the precocious man child, throwing questions at his partner and moving on before he gets an answer. He wants a lover who will join him in a never-ending debate and exploration of new ideas.

Moon in Leo needs to be impressed, and needs to impress. She must be the center of her partner’s universe, but at the same time, she’ll only feel satisfied with a certain level of play, romance and excitement in her life. Her ideal lover is a willing playmate who is faithful to her. Moon in Leo will shower the right partner with a steady supply of love and commitment, as long as he keeps her on a pedestal.

Mars in Gemini will be encouraged by Leo’s need for fun, and Moon in Leo will be dazzled by Gemini’s tricks. He’ll be the court jester, and she’ll be his queen. Together, they’ll create a playfully exuberant union that never runs low on sexual heat or drama. Tension will arise when Leo catches Mars in Gemini flirting with someone else, but her demanding reaction/temper tantrum will keep Gemini on his toes. Some heated conflict will keep things just spicy enough to appeal to their mutual desire for excitement.

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