Mars in Aquarius, Moon in Pisces Compatiblity

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Mars in Aquarius might seem to be too detached for ultra-sensitive Moon in Pisces, but his out-there approach will resonate with her not-quite-of-this-world emotional set point. He’s odd and she’s ethereal–this could work.

Mars in Aquarius’ actions are eccentric and uncompromising. His love interest should be prepared for a partner who insists on having things his way, although this will only apply to certain issues (such as his dislike of convention). Mars in Aquarius will commit, but only on his terms. If his lover finds that he’s too weird, that’s too bad–he only has time for those who accept him for who he is. Having said this, he can be one of the calmest, most open-minded partners out there. Nothing much phases him because he is driven by logic and curiosity, rather than emotion.

Moon in Pisces needs calm and quiet in her relationship. She is so sensitive that she absorbs her lover’s feelings–therefore, the best lover for her would be someone who doesn’t upset her. At the same time, she needs magic and gentle romance. Moon in Pisces is not completely grounded in this world, so she’ll feel stifled if her relationship is too mundane and practical.

Moon in Pisces may feel frustrated (and occasionally hurt) by Aquarius’ unbending coolness, but she will enjoy his unique take on life. She’ll never feel bored or trapped when she’s with him. Mars in Aquarius will be intrigued by Pisces’ magical energy, and he’ll understand something about her that few others do–in her own way, she can be just as detached as Aquarius. Despite her limitless empathy, she ultimately feels more comfortable with expressions that are not so personal. She can become evasive if she feels pinned down, and Mars in Aquarius will always give her plenty of breathing room. The result will be a couple who makes their own brand of odd magic.

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