Mars in Taurus, Moon in Cancer Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Taurus’ slow pace will suit cautious Moon in Cancer, because she needs to feel safe before she opens up. Not only will Taurus give her plenty of time, but he’ll protect her once she does let him in. Both of these signs are concerned with comfort and security, so they can create a cozy relationship that’s akin to a neverending embrace.

Mars in Taurus is not a fast mover, but once he does take action, he’s focused on building something that lasts. Everything he does is driven by the desire for stability, which means his partner can count on him to take care of business. But Mars in Taurus is also attuned to sensual experiences, which means that his efforts won’t only be about practical necessities. He wants to feel good, so sex, food and domestic happiness are high on his list of priorities.

Moon in Cancer needs a nurturing environment. A blend of mother and child, she needs to nurture her partner while knowing that her partner will be able to step in and take care of her, if necessary. Deeply sensitive, Moon in Cancer is guarded until she fully trusts someone. Her lover can earn that trust by respecting her boundaries and demonstrating his intent to be there when she needs him. This is one of the more emotional signs; the Moon rules Cancer, so its changeable nature is at full strength.

Mars in Taurus will take his time approaching Cancer, which will give her time to decide if she trusts him. Once they connect, Taurus will appreciate her domestic skills (especially her cooking) and Cancer will feel safe and secure with his demonstrated ability to be a rock-solid partner. When Moon in Cancer has a moody outburst, Taurus will patiently soothe or withstand her emotional squalls. Together, they’ll create an insular relationship that elevates domestic comfort to an art form.

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