Mars in Taurus, Moon in Leo Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Taurus’ slow approach may be too sedate for drama-loving Moon in Leo. Leo needs bold statements to make her feel loved, and Taurus likes to keep it simple. But Taurus’ desire for sensual pleasures may win Leo over, as she has a taste for indulgence.

When Mars in Taurus takes action, he keeps it simple and meaningful. There’s no hidden agenda, and no flash. Some may find his approach a bit on the basic side, but if you’re looking for honest, straightforward expressions of desire, Mars in Taurus is the one for you. He favors quiet gestures that emphasize pleasure over sparkling romance, and will stick to his course of action (or pursuit) long after others have given up.

Moon in Leo needs the big stuff. Grand romantic gestures, sweeping emotional involvements, and relationships tinged with drama (with her as the center of attention) keep her satisfied. These energies will reassure Moon in Leo that she is Number One in her lover’s life, and they’ll keep her from getting bored. If this sounds childlike and self-indulgent, you’ve glimpsed what lies at the heart of this Diva. But if her criteria are met, she will reward her partner with an emotional commitment and generous love that outshines what most others can offer.

Mars in Taurus may not grab Leo’s attention at first, but his persistence may eventually win her over. Once she lets him in, he’ll accept her demands with patience, and she’ll be rewarded with someone who knows a thing or two about good food and indulgent comforts. These two will clash when Moon in Leo feels ignored and kicks up a fuss; Taurus may lose his temper at this point. But they’re both Fixed signs, so they’ll be in this relationship for the long haul.

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