Mars in Pisces, Moon in Taurus Compatibility

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Mars in Pisces’ dreamy ways will be grounded by Moon in Taurus. He’ll bring the sensitivity, while she provides the support. The result will be a quietly comfortable union.

Mars in Pisces is a spiritual crusader. While he’s not aggressive in a typically masculine way, he can get fired up by a fantasy or romantic attraction. Mars in Pisces will pursue the object of his affection with a mix of purity and dream-lover seductiveness. His partner may wonder if he’s for real, because his moves will be saturated in poetry and promises. Within the daily confines of a relationship, he can be impractical and prone to escapism, if he doesn’t have a positive outlet for his energy.

Moon in Taurus needs something to depend on. Cautious yet loyal, she’ll only consider a relationship if she’s certain it will last. Moon in Taurus will be the rock of the union, keeping her partner stable with her calm support and unbendable routines. When things get difficult, she’ll keep the relationship together through sheer force of will. Nothing moves and nothing changes until she’s ready. Having said this, her ultimate goal is a peaceful life where she can settle down and be happy.

Moon in Taurus will be amused by Pisces’ romantic gestures, and she’ll be drawn to his gentleness. Mars in Pisces may try to impress Taurus with wine, beautiful words and the promise of spiritual bonding. She’ll be won over by the wine. While she’ll find his poetic promises and fantasies a bit silly, she will enjoy the fact that, in his own way, he craves quiet just as much as she does. While he requires an artistic or altruistic outlet for his energies, he needs a peaceful environment to come home to. Moon in Taurus can provide that environment as she supports his efforts and prevents him from wandering down some questionable paths.

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