Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Gemini Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Scorpio is energized by fearless emotional and sexual exchanges, while Moon in Gemini needs intellectual distance. This is a difficult match, due to the basic disconnect in how these two approach intimacy. If they want to make it work, each will have to accept that what they offer will not quite work.

Mars in Scorpio pushes things to the limit. Each of his determined actions are designed to trigger extreme reactions in his partner. Whether he’s pushing sexual boundaries or ferreting out his lover’s secrets, his primary goal is to create a bond that’s based on merging. Mars in Scorpio’s loyalty comes from the fact that he initiates all-or-nothing relationship situations — once he’s started something, there’s no turning back.

Moon in Gemini needs to leave her options open. At times, it may seem to her partner as if she can’t settle on one feeling, or commit to anything. This is due to her ability to feel both sides of a situation. Moon in Gemini is always open to alternatives, because she thinks her way through her feelings. This also means that she’s not comfortable with intense emotional exchanges. When things get heavy, she reacts with nervous chatter and anxiety. She can feel, of course, but she equates intensity with restriction.

Mars in Scorpio’s instinctive reactions will feel odd and a bit threatening to Moon in Gemini. She’ll feel that this guy is way too intense for her, and Scorpio may decide that she lacks any depth or commitment. The more insistent Scorpio is, the more evasive Gemini will become. However, if other aspects in their charts pull them together, these two will have to deal with their very different energies. Mars in Scorpio can moderate his actions and insistence, while Gemini can make an effort to stay present when things get intense. If Scorpio accepts that he may never be able to pin Gemini down, and Moon in Gemini accepts his concentrated energy, they might make it work.

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