Mars in Leo, Moon in Cancer Compatiblity

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Leo’s efforts to grab attention and Moon in Cancer’s need for nurturing make for a moody, discordant connection. Leo may not be sensitive to Cancer’s needs, and Cancer’s hurt withdrawal will be a major turn-off for Leo. However, both these signs have an inner child that is alive and well. If they can overcome the inevitable hurt feelings, they might be able to connect on a primal, playful level.

Mars in Leo demands recognition for his efforts. He will go all out to impress his partner, with grand and chivalrous gestures. And with the right lover, his affections will be unwavering. But he wants praise in return. Mars in Leo’s fire needs to be consistently fed by a partner who puts him on a pedestal. It also helps if his lover enjoys fun, indulgent activities as much as he does.

Moon in Cancer demands recognition of her feelings. While she won’t come right out and articulate her moods, her emotions will be quite obvious (and changeable). Moon in Cancer’s emotional sustenance is fed by a lover who makes her feel safe, while acknowledging her need to be coddled. She’ll return the favor by mothering her partner, which ideally will create a warm and cozy feedback loop.

Mars in Leo may scare Cancer off with some of his bolder efforts. His over-the-top actions will seem loud and pushy to this sensitive Moon; she’ll want to cuddle and he’ll want to play outside. Leo will be hurt and confused by Moon in Cancer’s withdrawal. He won’t understand why she doesn’t appreciate his fabulousness. However, these signs both manifest different aspects of the child. Cancer represents the basic need for security, and Leo represents the desire for self-expression. If other aspects between their charts are more harmonious, they can create a relationship where Cancer nurtures Mars in Leo’s flame, and Leo protects Moon in Cancer with his courageous energy.

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