Venus in Cancer, Mars in Leo Compatibility

CancerThis Sol y Luna couple are the yin and yang of cosmic coupling. Venus in Cancer brings a quintessential feminine energy to love, and Mars in Leo’s solar fire represents the archetypal masculine. Their combined energy is complementary, if not necessarily “burning down the house.”

Venus in Cancer yearns to merge in the oceanic waters of love. This siren of the sea is enchanting yet moody, caring but also complicated. She does best with sailors who like to swim in the depths, exploring the deepest treasures of the seas. Her enigmatic and nurturing nature draws many to her, especially those who are hungry to be fed, emotionally or otherwise. Like the tenacious crab, Venus in Cancer knows how to hold on in love and is one of the most loyal of the Venus placements.

LeoMars in Leo shines his warm solar light like a high beam, enveloping the object of his desire in a rich golden haze. This Mars wants to ensure that what he offers is the biggest and brightest, just to make sure you really notice him. Mars placed in the sign of the lion brings great courage and heart to his quest for love, but his pride is hurt easily, so he usually only enters into contests he has a good chance of winning.

Venus in Cancer feels bolder and more confident in the warmth of Mars in Leo’s sunny gaze. She can be herself, trusting that her uber-feminine demeanor is protected and appreciated by this bold and masculine Mars. Mars in Leo is charmed by Venus in Cancer’s mysterious musings and finds it perfectly entertaining to dream up new ways to capture her attention and get under her skin.

Though the sparks between Venus in Cancer and Mars in Leo may not make a roaring bonfire, there’s enough heat between this pair to sustain a steady blaze that will keep them warm and toasty for the duration of their union.

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