Venus in Leo, Mars in Cancer Compatibility

LeoUnder the right circumstances, fire and water create steam. And with a little friction, the union of Venus in Leo and Mars in Cancer can generate moist heat. Though their basic elemental natures differ, this couple has the potential to join together in ways that are fulfilling and rewarding for both.

Venus in Leo just wants to be adored. Like a heat-seeking missile, she gravitates towards romantic partners and friends who will appreciate her enthusiasm and larger-than-life heart. Generous, charming and gregarious in love, Venus in Leo wants nothing more than to have a forum to share her gifts. When she is given the proper amount of respect and attention, Venus placed in the sign of the Lion has the contented purr of a well-fed cat. Ignore this Venus at your own peril, as her claws will come out when she feels dismissed or under attack.

CancerMars in Cancer has his own crabby claws, but these are used more to protect and defend than to attack. Deeply sensitive and emotional, Mars in Cancer pursues the object of his desire with persistence and dedication. Once his imagination is aroused, this Mars will stay focused on what he wants until he gets it. Drawing on his watery ability to empathize, nurture and connect, Mars in Cancer can easily merge with a partner, intuitively discerning their desires.

Though Venus in Leo may at first appear a little intimidating to Mars in Cancer – and Mars in Cancer a little drab to Venus in Leo – if this duo gets past first impressions, they have a lot to offer each other. Mars in Cancer provides Venus in Leo with a lifetime of devoted attention, and Venus in Leo offers Mars in Cancer warmth and a deep receptivity to displays of affection. In this way, they can create a very steamy union indeed.

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