Venus in Aries, Mars in Pisces Compatibility

AriesThis couple pairs Wonder Woman (Venus in Aries) with the “Sensitive Poet” (Mars in Pisces). Their fire and water combo is not a natural one, and they will need to make many adjustments to find ways to connect. But with understanding and hard work, it is possible for them to forge a viable union.

Venus in Aries is bold and forthright in love. This fiesty planet/sign combo is stimulated by challenges in love and not afraid to compete to win her mate. Venus in Aries knows what she wants and will not hesitate to go after it. Though she has been known to look before she leaps and get herself into the romantic equivalent of hot emotional waters, Venus in Aries has no qualms about writing off her losses and trying again with someone new.

PiscesMars in Pisces brings his watery force to bear on love and romance, moving as slippery as a fish towards his desires. He has a gentle presence that is hard to grasp, but is nevertheless potent in feeling and sensual magnetism. Approaching his partner with a respect for mystery and an appreciation for the unknowns of love, this Mars can be elusive when attempts are made to pin him down. He wants to escape from the bonds of reality and lose himself in his unearthly fantasies.

Venus in Aries is fascinated by Mars in Pisces’s sensitivity and wants to solve the mystery that he exudes so easily. She may quickly grow impatient, however, with his subtleties, and crave more excitement and raw passion. Mars in Pisces is fascinated by Venus in Aries’ fiery force, yet he may get scared off by her boldness and forceful energies, and yearn for a more refined and gentle partner. If other planetary connections are strong, this couple can find ways to connect, but they must learn to accept and appreciate their inherent differences before a substantial relationship can be formed.

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