Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Leo Compatibility

ScorpioFire and water do indeed create steam, and the union of Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Leo can get very steamy indeed. This duo shares a desire for intensity and a certain ability to attract drama, but they differ in just about everything else. The charge created from their differences is passionate and can be overwhelming, sending them each back to their own corners to recuperate before stepping back into their own personal boxing ring of love.

Venus in Scorpio is the queen of the underworld, with a sexy magnetism that is unforgettable. Her x-ray vision can see through most any disguise, as she seeks out power and intimacy, looking for a partner she can trust. This dark water lover wants to merge with her partner, swimming down to the depths of intimacy and discovering buried treasures. Since it can be hard for her to trust, vulnerability is a treasured commodity for Venus in Scorpio in relationships. She may resist showing her soft underbelly until she can be sure it will be safe.

LeoMars in Leo has an endearing enthusiasm for life that is contagious. When in love, his full-on exhibitionist side emerges and he’ll pull out all the stops to impress the object of his affection. Wanting to be the star player in his romantic production, Mars in Leo will also provide the props, the script and much of the dialogue. Yes, he’s bossy, but his heart’s in the right place. Like the lion he is, if this Mars’ pride is hurt, he’ll retreat to lick his paw until all he’s wooed back by an affectionate and appreciative audience.

Venus in Scorpio is enchanted by Mars in Leo’s “warmth from the heart.” But discomfort can arise from his seeming lack of depth and need to be at the center of everything. Mars in Leo finds Venus in Scorpio beyond sexy, but her serious side can leave him in the dark more often than he would like.

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