Venus in Virgo, Mars in Cancer Compatibility

VirgoThe Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer couple is more about long, slow kisses than fireworks, and though they may not impress the world with their passion, at home and in private this couple knows how to make their moments together count. This quiet duo easily creates an aura of safety, comfort and caring in their relationship. As their union grows more solid over time, they have much to share at their own steady pace. The Eco-Empress’ sensual earth melds smoothly with the Crab King’s watery depth, initiating a powerful interchange of lusty magnetism.

Venus in Virgo shows her love best when it takes a physical form. She’ll give you the perfect backrub, find you just the right item to decorate your home, or cook you an exquisite meal. When Venus in Virgo is relaxed and worry-free, she is a joy to be around. Treat her to a massage or other calming treat, and watch her sensual side emerge. Venus in Virgo’s sense of safety with Mars in Cancer allows her to let down her hair, ensuring that her deeply earthy nature will emerge.

CancerMars in Cancer, like the crab he is, moves sidewise, rather than straight-ahead when going after what he wants. His crabby pinchers know how to hold on tight, and so in relationships, this Mars is one of the most loyal and steadfast of them all. Mars in Cancer wants nothing more than to create a comfortable and safe container for his lover. Once he knows he and his partner are secure in their nest, he can open up and let his vulnerable and soft interior be seen. Venus in Virgo supports Mars in Cancer in feeling grounded and focused in the world, helping him move out of his shell more easily and providing him a safe foundation to return to.

United, this pair can sustain a relationship that is both practical and romantic, where each gets their needs met in fulfilling and positive ways.

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