Venus in Libra, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

LibraAn airy match made in heaven, these two sparkle together like a fabulous diamond. With just enough differences to make their similarities shine even brighter, Venus in Libra and Mars in Aquarius have a verve and synergy to their union that keeps things interesting.

Venus in Libra loves the social component of love, especially the sensation of having an “other” to relate to up close, everyday. This planet/sign combo rarely feels a sense of too much togetherness, unless she is challenged to dive into the deep emotions of the shadow — in which case she may need a day at the spa to recoup and recover before dipping back into the murk.

AquariusMars in Aquarius—who thrives on verbal interplay and the exchange of ideas and concepts—finds a willing partner in Venus in Libra. This Mars is activated by trying new and unusual activities and doing things outside of the box. Nothing turns on Mars in Aquarius more than discovering some new theory about sex and love and practicing it with a willing partner.

Though some other signs might begin to feel that they are participating in a strange sort of science experiment, Venus in Libra loves the attention and the opportunity to do something with her “sweetie,” and responds to Mars in Aquarius’s strange impulses with affection and appreciation.

The only challenge for this couple is their tendency to get a little too detached and airy at times, and forget about the more earthy, practical and emotional components of relating. To grow, Venus in Libra and Mars in Aquarius just need to avoid getting lazy in their partnership, taking their ease of relating for granted, and forgetting to express their gratitude for the harmony and peace they enjoy with each other.

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