Venus in Virgo, Mars in Sagittarius Compatibility

VirgoWith very different approaches to the art of love, Venus in Virgo and Mars in Sagittarius are a bit of an odd couple. Their attraction arises out of their differences, rather than what they have in common, so conflict and adjustment are an essential part of their dance. Earthy Venus in Virgo strives to create a practical, grounded relationship, while Mars in Sagittarius shoots for the stars, constantly seeking growth and new horizons in love. This couple will need to work at accepting their diverse needs in partnership, drawing on the chemistry between them to sustain their connection.

Venus in Virgo loves with a great attention to detail. She needs a sense of routine and order in her relationships and likes to plan out every stage ahead of time. This Venus strives to be of service to her partner, offering assistance however she can. She can become critical when she feels unappreciated and then takes on the role of martyr in love. However, once she knows that her service is valued and recognized, she will blossom with the pleasure of a job well done.

SagittariusLike Indiana Jones, Mars in Sagittarius is both a philosopher and an adventurer in love. He seeks out diverse partners who know how to have a good time and can share his desire to learn, grow and explore. This Mars doesn’t sweat the small stuff in relationships, painting with broad-brush strokes that overlook the details. His storytelling skill and love of a good laugh make him charming and fun to be around, though his love of freedom and spontaneity can sometimes make him unreliable.

Mars in Sagittarius knows just how to get under Venus in Virgo’s skin, which leaves her both irritated and turned on. Venus in Virgo’s cool “Virgin Queen” sexiness is an invitation that this Mars just can’t resist, though sometimes he feels intimidated by her high standards. Though this couple faces conflicts as they adjust to each other’s styles of mating, their electric interplay can keep them intrigued for the long term.

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