Venus in Cancer, Mars in Virgo Compatibility

CancerHappy as clams, Venus in Cancer and Mars in Virgo have a mutual desire to nest in relationship. Shying away from high drama and passionate displays, this quiet couple wants only to share the simple pleasures of life with each other, free from outside distractions and worries. Crafting, cooking and gardening are all areas of interest for them, and it’s common to find them happily side-by-side, caring for the day-to-day concerns that arise.

Venus in Cancer moves towards love with a mermaid’s grace, swimming intuitively towards her partner as she sings a siren song. Though her nurturing tendencies may attract those with “mommy issues,” she can let out her warm and comforting mothering side if she sets careful boundaries. This Venus has strong family values and will want to form a relationship not just with her partner, but with their whole family (of origin or otherwise), thriving on a sense of being part of a “clan.”

VirgoMars in Virgo brings a sense of precision and discernment to the arena of love and lust. He only wants the best, and only the best will do. Like a British butler, Mars in the sign of the Virgin expresses his desire to please by becoming indispensable. If this Mars wants you, he’ll make himself so useful, you’ll find it hard to resist. When angry or stressed, he can become critical and petty, finding flaws in almost everything, including you. Exercise and craftsmanship help him to re-center and release energetic blocks.

Venus in Cancer’s soothing maternal embrace is like a balm to Mars in Virgo when he is worried or overworked, giving him a safe and comfortable place to find comfort. Venus in Cancer finds Mars in Virgo’s high standards and discriminating touch sexy and stimulating. Together, they can build a life together that is stable and long lasting.

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