Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Aries Compatibility

SagittariusThe action-packed love story starring Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Aries probably includes more than one fight and maybe even a break up or two, but for this fiery pair, their challenges only deepen their connection. When life gets too easy and complacent, they may pick a fight just to liven things up. Luckily, this Venus-Mars pairing shares a love of excitement, growth, freedom and action in relationships.

Venus in Sagittarius has an adventurous heart in love, seeking to explore the unknown and learn about new customs, cultures and behaviors. Valuing growth in relationships, she is always seeking new possibilities to pursue. If she shares a similar belief system or religion with her partner, this helps her to stay committed, giving her union meaning and a sense of purpose. Venus in Sagittarius may have high expectations for relationships, but she also just wants to have fun. A lover who can make her laugh is head and shoulders above the rest.

AriesFiery Mars in Aries can be impatient and impetous in love, taking risks that may or may not pay off. Chasing the object of his desire is sometimes better than actually catching them, since there’s few things that Mars in Aries loves better than a challenge. Though Mars in Aries will fight to the death to win, he can just as easily grow bored with his prize when the struggle is over. This Mars needs a partner who keeps him constantly on the hunt, which helps him to feel alive and energized.

Venus in Sagittarius loves that she doesn’t have to hold herself back around Mars in Aries, trusting that his confidence and passion can match her own. Mars in Aries thrives on Venus in Sagittarius’ free spirit and knack for creating adventure. Together this couple shares a zest for life that sparks a powerful bond between them.

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