Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Virgo Compatibility

ScorpioThough at first glance sexy Venus in Scorpio pairing with virgin Mars in Virgo might seem like an odd combo, the truth is, this couple sizzles. Sharing a need both for depth and commitment, water and earth meet in a union that has mucho staying power. Their love has quality and substance, based on mutual trust and respect. Though some might find this boring, for this pair, nothing else quite hits the spot.

Venus in Scorpio doesn’t mess around, demanding the real deal from whomever is brave enough to partner up with her. This Venus offers an intense love with a real “do or die” feeling about it. If you’re thinking of a quick fling with this Venus, it’s possible, but don’t expect to get out of it completely unscathed. She prefers a relationship that will withstand all the many tests that she’ll present in order to figure out if she can really trust you. Once she’s sure of your intentions, she’ll be loyal to the max, it’s just getting to that point that’s difficult. Her potent blend of sexy and dangerous only adds to her mysterious allure, which makes her rather hard to pass up.

VirgoMars in Virgo approaches sex with all the refinement this sign is noted for, applying a discriminating and careful touch. Yet the so-called “virginal” Virgo is still an earth sign, and like all the earth signs likes to get down and dirty when it comes to the bedroom. Mars in Virgo will always aim to please, wanting only to serve a partner and bring them pleasure. This Mars likes nothing better than to know he did the job right.

Venus in Scorpio resonates with Mars in Virgo’s high standards, appreciating his delicate touch and attention to detail. Mars in Virgo recognizes Venus in Scorpio’s powers of discernment and ability to hone in on the more weighty aspects of relationship. Together this pair forges a partnership that has strength and long-term potential.

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