Venus in Pisces, Mars in Taurus Compatibility


The Venus in Pisces/Mars in Taurus combo unites imagination and sensuality in an easy interplay of water and earth. This couple is peace-loving and artistic, thriving on the beauty of the natural world. With their easy-going nature and “go with the flow” approach to life, this pair is more love than war, valuing peace over conflict in their relationship. Chemistry-wise, their differences keep them interested, while their similarities provide the ties that bind.

Venus in Pisces is whimsical and intuitive in love, following her heart wherever it may lead. Like an enchanting siren from the sea, this Venus is both seductive and hard to grasp. She is kind and compassionate in love, but can also be deceptive. Her powerful imagination and innate spirituality allow her to dream up romances of an epic nature. Whether her partner can live up to the fantasy is always a question, but this Venus never stops trying to bring her dreams to life.

TaurusMars in Taurus has an innate sense of connection with the natural world, which gives him a sensual aura that is hard to resist. When this Mars pursues his desires, he is unstoppable, like a bull butting his horns into his prey. Though passionate about what he wants, Mars in Taurus also has a calm, steady side that enables him to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. This Mars is a connoisseur of beauty and pleasure and seeks out experiences which allow him to indulge in both.

Mars in Taurus provides Venus in Pisces with a grounded and earthy approach to sex, one that is both exciting and fulfilling. Venus in Pisces holds an almost ethereal allure for Mars in Taurus, enchanting him with her watery grace. Together, these two can create a very special relationship that is both practical and the magical at the same time.

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