Venus in Aries, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

AriesThese two outlaws have a Bonnie and Clyde approach to love. They want to break all the rules and thumb their combined noses at what they see as the narrow-minded societal conventions of traditional courtship and marriage. Freedom, space and plenty of friendly fire are all hallmarks of their unique partnership. This is the couple who is up for just about anything, trying on new roles and lifestyles at the drop of a hat.

Venus in Aries loves with courage and daring. Her motto in relationships is to “act first and think later.” Spicy and irreverent, this Venus is unsentimental and bold in love. She’ll attract you with her honesty and straightforward approach, though she can sometimes frighten more timid types. You’ll know if she likes you and you’ll know if she doesn’t. Freedom and self-understanding are her goals for any kind of long-term commitment, and she’ll never settle for less.

AquariusMars in Aquarius can be contrary when it comes to love, expressing his interest in ways that are completely outside the box. He doesn’t do well with rules in relationships, and can completely cut off if he feels pinned in or controlled. This Mars can need more space than most, and chaffs at the bit when he catches even the slightest whiff of attempts to control him.

Venus in Aries is enlivened and energized by Mars in Aquarius’ unconventional nature. She loves that he never tries to tell her what to do, and is inspired by his visionary approach to life. Mars in Aquarius is challenged in a good way by Venus in Aries’ feisty love style. He never quite knows what to expect from her from day to day, and he likes it that way. Though they may never make it “official,” this couple has the potential to sustain their love for the long-term.

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