Venus in Leo, Mars in Libra Compatibility

LeoThis charming couple has probably inspired many a party. Their love of fun means that they spend a lot of their time socializing and finding new ways to enjoy themselves. Though they may face challenges when life gets too real, they’ll always be able to find ways to infuse their time together with joy and laughter.

Venus in Leo’s heart beams like a golden sun, warming all who come into contact with her. This Venus has a queenly nature and a benevolent generosity, and her need for respect and appreciation is legendary. She acts—and wants to be treated—like royalty, for better or for worse. Her love style is full of grand gestures and romantic touches, though she can be bossy and demanding if her needs aren’t met.

LibraMars in Libra has the ability to make just about anyone feel comfortable and at ease. With a charm that comes naturally, this Mars is a born flirt, with a romantic soul that is unmatched. Mars in Libra has a natural sense of style that only adds to his appeal. The hardest thing for this Mars is making a decision. Since he usually has a number of options for potential partners, it can be hard for him to make up his mind and even harder for him to disappoint.

Venus in Leo and Mars in Libra give each other just what is needed. Mars in Libra soothes Venus in Leo’s ego with plenty of praise and flattery, most of which is completely sincere. Venus in Leo knows just how to make Mars in Libra smile when life gets out of balance. As a unit, this couple shines.

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