Venus in Leo, Mars in Scorpio Compatibility

LeoHigh drama and intrigue are likely to play a role in the Venus in Leo and Mars in Scorpio relationship. This couple is drawn to passion like moths to a flame, and seems to constantly attract situations which call for intensity and high emotions. Though each partner has a very different style of relating, as a couple they share a high octane chemistry which helps to make their differences seem minor (at least at first).

Venus in Leo is full of heart, with a playful spirit and a desire to shower the object of her affection with gifts and plenty of positive encouragement. Like a lion in the jungle, she knows exactly what she wants and has the confidence to go after it. Though bossiness can be a challenge, those with this placement are usually charming enough to win almost anyone over. This Venus wants to ensure that she is the Queen of the Pack, and will go out of her way to secure her place at the top with her partner.

ScorpioMars in Scorpio has a smoky and mysterious quality that can be hard to understand, but that is strangely magnetic and seductive. This Mars is motivated by sex in general, but particularly the kind of sex that is deep, primal and transformative. Desiring to draw the object of his affection in with a subtle and sexy undercurrent, Mars in Scorpio is hard for most to resist.

The differences between these two result in a sparky charge that keeps them engaged and in a constant state of heightened awareness when they are together. Though conflicts do arise between them, they have more fun making up than most, enjoying the chemistry that comes so naturally from their union.

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