Venus in Pisces, Mars in Capricorn Compatibility

PiscesThe old-fashioned romance between Venus in Pisces and Mars in Capricorn has a sweet and gentle quality that is reminiscent of a black-and-white movie from the 40’s. This couple is dreamy but also grounded, blending their water and earth elements together in a seamless pairing that is harmonious but never boring.

When Venus in Pisces is in love, she leaves a trail of fairy dust behind her wherever she goes. This Venus is an old school romantic, falling head over heels and letting her heart lead the way. Her true gift is the ability to love without judgment or conditions, as she views her partner as the embodiment of the divine—a spiritual being in a human body. Slippery as a fish, Venus in Pisces can imagine herself out of a relationship as easily as she imagines herself in one, and may sometimes leave her lover(s) in the lurch, wondering where all the good vibes have gone.

CapricornMars in Capricorn brings a realistic, down-to-earth approach to love and romance. This sexy goat is dedicated and serious when it comes to the art of wooing, and once he sets his sights on you, he will not give up easily. His devilish Pan-inspired sexuality comes out in full force in the privacy of the bedroom, as he devotes all of his considerable discipline to pleasure. Mars in the sign of the Goat knows how to take his time and go the distance, patiently and persistently.

Venus in Pisces loves Mars in Capricorn’s solid footing, earthy sexuality and supportive solidity. In fact, there’s not much about him that she doesn’t like. Mars in Capricorn returns the favor, tantalized by Venus in Pisces’ sweet and whimsical nature. Together, these two create a love affair to remember.

Explore your erotic gifts and secret desires through the lens of a real life Goddess who shares your Venus sign.

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