Venus in Leo, Mars in Capricorn Compatibility

LeoFun, drama and luxury vs. duty, responsibility and commitment? Though Venus in Leo and Mars in Capricorn may not appear to have much in common, this couple can learn to appreciate and value each other’s differences. It may take some stretching and will certainly demand a desire to grow and learn, but with a little effort, these two can forge a bond that lasts.

Venus in Leo radiates a sun-like warmth that others are easily attracted to. Like a queen, she has high standards and expects generous displays of affection from her loved ones. She can be bossy and demanding, but only when she feels slighted. Venus in Leo has a passionate and spontaneous approach to love and seeks partners who can join her in making life more joyful.

CapricornSexy Mars in Capricorn shows his commitment to his partner by going slow and taking his time in relationships. He likes to plan for the long-term, investing a little at a time in love, with the hopes that it will build up over the long haul. This goaty Mars has traditional ideas about relationships, and rarely settles down until he has built up a secure and stable foundation for himself.

Venus in Leo is drawn to Mars in Capricorn’s stability and strength, but can also grow irritated by his serious demeanor. Mars in Capricorn delights in Venus in Leo’s warmth and playfulness, but may also find her shallow. When this couple commits to growing together and trying to understand each other’s individual points of view, they have a much better chance of success.

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