Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Leo Compatibility

AquariusForming a union of air and fire, Venus in Aquarius and Mars in Leo are passionate opposites, mirroring each other’s differences in a perfect lockstep. The vibrant chemistry that arises between them can keep them happily occupied for a while, as they bask in the high of the unknown “other.”

Venus in Aquarius is the social scientist of love, seeking out new forms of relating that are often unusual. This airy Venus is not impressed by traditional forms of courtship. Instead, she prefers romantic gestures that are off the cuff and a little bit weird. Venus in Aquarius expresses her love in surprising ways, showing her affection with a quirky detachment that can seem almost clinical in effect. Though this Venus can seem disconnected from her feelings, she may simply need a little more time and space to let her emotions process before she can connect the dots between her mind and her heart.

LeoMars in Leo shines his bright heart fire like a spotlight, showering his lover in a solar blaze of affection. This Mars seeks to impress, wanting everyone to notice just how great he is and how much he has to offer. There is no room for subtlety with Mars in Leo, as this fiery sign puts his heart on the line, broadcasting his feelings far and wide. Though courageous, this Mars gets his pride hurt easily, so he usually only seeks out partners whom he knows will accept what he has to offer.

Venus in Aquarius responds to Mars in Leo’s exuberance with a coolness that is both sexy and unsettling to the lion. He will do almost anything to get a reaction out of her, which she finds exciting, but also irritating. Their sexy tennis match intrigues both of them, and as long as no one tries to win, their relationship can be both fun and full of passion.

Explore your erotic gifts and secret desires through the lens of a real life Goddess who shares your Venus sign.

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