Venus in Leo, Mars in Aries Compatibility

LeoThe movie star (Venus in Leo) and the race car driver (Mars in Aries) both need a little drama and excitement in love. Fiery, bold and confident, this couple moves through life at high speed. Venus in Leo loves with passion, high intensity and a warm-hearted generosity that is only hampered when her pride has been injured. She demands respect and attention, attracting her mates with self-confidence and the ability to have a good time. This Venus likes to be worshipped, plain and simple, and probably won’t say no to being put on a bit of a pedestal, especially when she receives offerings of diamonds or other luxurious gifts.

Mars in Aries shares Venus in Leo’s fast-burning approach to love, pursuing the object of his affection with a single-minded warrior stance that few can deflect. This Mars moves quickly in matters of the heart. Assertive, cocky and probably more than a little competitive, this Mars loves nothing more than to “win” the object of his desire. Mars in Aries likes to rush through everything – including sex – and though this may be challenging for some, Venus in Leo probably appreciates his passionate (though speedy) approach.

AriesThis couple moves through life together with a powerful intensity, not shying away from conflict or high drama. Mars in Aries may be a bit too blunt and rough-and-tumble for Venus in Leo at times, and Venus in Leo may appear “high maintenance” to scrappy Mars in Aries. However, their shared fiery elemental nature makes them happy to be together.

Like other couples who share the fire element, this pair needs to watch that they don’t burn out. There is a risk that each partner will egg the other on to more and more extreme acts of passion, until all that remains are thin tendrils of smoke. Taking the time together to slow down and get grounded will help them last as a couple, keeping their steady flame alive.

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