Venus in Gemini, Mars in Leo compatibility

GeminiFor this astrological pairing, think Nick and Nora from the 1930’s movies: witty, charming, quirkily chaotic, unpredictable and yet always, always entertaining. For not only will Venus in Gemini and Mars in Leo entertain and amuse each other, but as a couple, they are also likely to amuse and entertain “their public” as well. This duo lives to socialize, and together they do a lot of it. And really, how could they not, when they were both so perfectly made to inspire conversation, laughter and good times?

Venus in Gemini expresses and receives love and affection through the lens of the wit and the intellect. Nothing says, “I Love You” better to Venus in Gemini than, “Did you hear what (insert great thinker) wrote about (life, death, sex, etc.)?” If she can make you laugh while you share these heady ideas together, all the better.

LeoWhen Mars in Leo loves (and lusts), he does so with a passion and desire that is unmatched in the zodiac. Enthusiastically romantic, and just a touch (ok, maybe more than a touch) dramatic, this Mars wants nothing more than to be noticed by the object of his affection.

Airy Venus in Gemini is happily amused by Mars in Leo’s antics, intrigued by his prettily presented displays of emotion, and won over by the Tigger-like momentum that only a Mars in Leo can sustain. Mars in Leo loves Venus in Gemini’s cool yet quirky analysis of love, and finds her airy heart to be a balm of soothing attention that is just what he craves. Their air and fire synergy create a constantly moving, dynamic flow of connection that keeps these two happily engaged for the long term.

Because keeping it light and constantly moving is the comfort zone that this pair shares, difficulties are only met when the deep, dark, “shadow” work of relationship is necessary. When these situations arise, this couple may prefer to walk quickly and lightly over the stinky and unpleasant shadows from below, rather than take the time to dig deep and clear out the gunk that could trip them up in the future. If together they can harness their courage and take a leap into the underworld, their charming and dynamic partnership can re-emerge with a power and depth that may surprise them both.

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