Venus in Cancer, Mars in Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer“Spaceman takes on a walk on the moon” is the theme for this relationship. Though they share a similar celestial influence, Venus in Cancer and Mars in Aquarius are galaxies apart when it comes to matters of love and lust. With attention, they can come together in a way that is mutually satisfying, but first they need to learn about each other’s home planet. The water and air blending created by their union can create a misty haze that is refreshing and enlivening … or just plain confusing.

Venus in Cancer in love wants to kiss your boo-boo’s and make it all better. This “Leave it to Beaver” type Venus is the archetypal mom, and nothing toots her horn more than being able to nurture and take care of a lover. This is not to say that she’s not sexy, drawing in partners with mermaid-style seduction scenarios that few can resist. Her lunar depths make for enchanting waters to explore, if she chooses to let down her crab shell defenses.

AquariusMars in Aquarius will stop at nothing to ensure that he is free, unbound and authentic in relationships. Attachment, rules and order are just not in the cards for this chaos-loving Mars. He needs to do it his way, as weird and wacky as it may be. He is turned on by change and experimentation, and likes nothing better than trying something new in bed – the stranger the better.

Though Mars in Aquarius may feel a little claustrophobic in Venus in Cancer’s watery grasp, he is intrigued by her mysterious complexity – and like a scientist investigating an unknown quality, he wants to know more. Venus in Cancer is attracted to Mars in Aquarius’ electrifying energy and stimulated by his quest for freedom. However, she can get unsettled by his restless and irreverent nature, and may long for a little predictability. This couple can forge a satisfying relationship when they learn to respect and understand each other’s differences without expecting the other to change.

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