Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Leo Compatibility

SagittariusLike a fireball, Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Leo roar through the world together. This couple can appear larger than life, embracing passion, action and adventure in all their shared endeavors. Just as fire can feed on fire, Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Leo heighten each other’s energy and drive. In love, they burn fast and furiously, impatient to get their needs met as quickly as possible.

Venus in Sagittarius is expansive and confident in love. The opposite of a damsel in distress, this bold Venus has no hesitation about getting her needs met. She wants to laugh, explore and learn from a lover, using relationship as one more avenue for growth. Venus placed in the sign of the archer has high standards for a partner, desiring someone in whom she can believe and respect. Though she may play the field in her early years, when she looks for a mate, she wants someone who lives up to her ideals. Nothing makes her heart pitter patter (or beat) faster than a bonafide adventure with the one she loves.

LeoMars in Leo follows his heart with passion and a strong romantic streak. This Mars wants everyone to know when he’s in love, and will put his energy into broadcasting it to the world. With a strong flair for drama, Mars in Leo is like a peacock, attracting his mate with an over-the-top display that will hopefully impress with its sheer outrageousness. Mars placed in the sign of the lion can be prideful, fearing that any sign of weakness will result in him being toppled from his throne. Because of this, he will give up on a pursuit if it doesn’t seem to be going in a successful direction.

Venus in Sagittarius appreciates Mars in Leo’s lust for life and willingness to take risks. Mars in Leo loves that Venus in Sagittarius knows how to have a good time. Though Venus in Sagittarius might sometimes get impatient with Mars in Leo’s displays of drama, and Mars in Leo might occasionally find Venus in Sagittarius’ bluntness hard to take, this couple can, for the most part, burn brightly for many years to come.

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