How To Attract A Libra Man

If you want a Libra man, know he has well-defined, high standards. They have exquisite tastes and high expectations from their romantic partner. The Libra male is also very sensitive and sensual, so if you want a partner with a romantic side, one of these guys could be just what you need in your life.

A Libra man cherishes his partner and puts them above everything and everyone else. A balanced and harmonious relationship is the most important thing in their life, and they will put effort into getting such a connection and keeping it.

Libra men also need constant validation and kind words; if they don’t receive the praise they need from their committed relationship, they could look for it outside the relationship. 

Libra is the air sign that represents people born from September 23rd to October 22nd. This cardinal sign is a cosmic symbol of balance and symmetry, which is why Libra people strive for these aspects in their life.

Libra people aim for balance in all aspects of their life and don’t stop until they get it. They also have a very well-developed sense of beauty, as their ruling planet is Venus, which symbolizes beauty, love, and money. They appreciate life’s beauties and are great fans of art in all its forms. 

The Three Types Of Libra Men

While all Libra men share a love for beauty, style, and art, and they emphasize their relationships, they are not all the same. There are three main types of Libra men that could get your attention, and each of them can be extremely charming! 

The Social Butterfly

The social butterfly Libra man is the heart of his group and brightens up any room as soon as he steps in. He seems to always be in a good mood and strives to keep his physical appearance impeccable, bringing his best version of himself to the party.

This socialite will be friends with everyone, even those who are significantly different from him, allowing them to thrive in any social gathering. They might seem easy to approach but make no mistake because these social butterflies have boundaries and standards regarding whom they let in their intimate life and will settle only for the right person. 

The Egalitarian Libra Man

The egalitarian Libra man is the traditional Libra who looks for balance everywhere. They are a great mediator and tend to avoid conflict. However, these Librarians are also more likely to go out of their way to ensure justice is served in certain situations.

They enjoy discussing all kinds of topics and always find the best compromise when a discussion becomes confrontational. 

The Rational Libra Man

The rational Libra man will be a diplomat that acts based on his intellect rather than his emotions. They are analytical and think about all the possibilities before they finally decide.

They will often use their diplomacy to maintain peace not only in their life but also in situations involving their friends or co-workers. 

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How to attract a Libra man

If your heart is set on one of these Librans, there are a few things that will drive them closer to you. 

Have interesting conversations 

Libra men will always appreciate deep conversations full of substance over a small-talk topic. Choose topics that will challenge their mind or share an interesting article, movie, or book you recently saw or read.

They are a good listener, an excellent conversationalist and will be receptive and appreciate you at a deeper level for engaging them this way. Plus, such meaningful conversations will make your Libra man love talking to you, which is exactly the outcome you want!

Look impeccable 

Your image is just as important as your conversation when it comes to stealing libra man’s heart. A Libra man will notice your style in the smallest details, so it is important that it’s something you have a keen interest in as well. Choose outfits that represent your personality and enhance your natural beauty, a feminine dress and a keen dress sense are the perfect first step.

Librans always try to look their best, and they have the same expectations from their partners. There is no need to exaggerate with accessories and makeup because a Libra will always appreciate a classic and elegant look. 

Avoid gossiping 

Gossiping could seem like an innocent habit, but it is not, and your Libra guy will not appreciate a gossiper. He stays away from people who gossip about others and focuses his attention on those who are not afraid to talk about themselves.

He would rather get to know you and your interests, hobbies, and preferences than hear you talk about other people so take advantage of this great conversationalists attention and use it wisely.

Share your thoughts and feelings

Transparency and honesty are big qualities in the eyes of a Libra man. Let him know that you are interested in him without being clingy, and show him that you admire him in subtle but unquestionable ways. He will not only appreciate that you are the kind of woman to own your feelings, but he might even reciprocate them. 

Let him take charge

Librans like to be in charge and balance things as much as possible. They are not bossy, so you don’t have to fear that they might abuse the authority. Let him know his opinion matters and invite him to lead the path, this is a great way to put your libra man in his comfort zone and ensure a good time for you along the way.

You will not be disappointed in where they take you, and they will enjoy every step of the way. 

Ask them for guidance

There is nothing that your Libra man will love more than to be asked for guidance. Go to him with your concerns and problems and see what advice he has for you, this is one of the best ways to get a libra man’s attention.

They will put all their energy and analytical skills into offering you the best advice, and they will feel flattered by your trust in their judgment. 

What NOT to do when you want to attract a Libra man 

Even if Libra men are easy-going and friendly, some things make them shut down before you even get a chance to get closer to them. 

  • Don’t be overwhelming. Too much drama or smothering will only convince your Libran that he is better without you. They can enjoy a bit of drama here and there or at least tolerate it, but if you are creating a storm all the time, they will prefer to keep their distance. Maintain a rational attitude before you make a big deal about anything. 
  • Don’t tell him what to do. Telling a Libra man what to do is a lost battle. They might agree with you to end the discussion, but they will still do what they want and how they want to. These men might not be the most stubborn ones of the zodiac, but they are determined to keep things under control and trust their mindset over anyone else’s. 
  • Don’t be confrontational. If you start or feed arguments, the Libra man will understand fast that you are not the girl for him. Rather than choosing confrontation, try to find a way to compromise and maintain peace. This is the best way to move towards a romantic relationship with this guy. 

Most compatible zodiac signs for a Libra man

You can win the heart of your Libra man regardless of your zodiac sign. However, certain signs will be more compatible with Librans than others, and they have greater chances of a long and happy relationship. 


Aries is the sister sign of Libra and the perfect match. There’s a good chance the chemistry between an Aries woman and a Libra man will be instant and intense. They have similar values and mindsets, even if the Aries woman tends to be more action orientated than the Libra man.

Aries women are honest and are not afraid to show their feelings, which are great features in the eyes of a Libra man. These ladies want to be in the spotlight as much as possible, while Libra men prefer to observe and admire them with pride.

The connection between a Libra man and an Aries woman could last a long time or even a lifetime. 


A Taurus woman is another great match for a Libra man. Venus rules both Libra and Taurus, so they will share a love for beauty and luxury and will quickly be each other’s best friend. They like comfort and peace and will try to bring these values into each other’s life.

The Taurus lady will offer the balance a Libra man needs and ground them when they feel confused or in a challenging situation. It is important, though, not to compete for leadership within the relationship. The Libra man likes to lead, and Taurus women are known for being stubborn and independent women, so a compromise will be needed to avoid conflicts. 


A Leo woman can be very attracted to the image and popularity of a Libra man because she shares the same characteristics. These two signs could form a glamorous, royal couple as they have shiny auras and a great aesthetic sense with good taste.

This beautiful woman gives the Libra man confidence and determination to achieve his goals and be the best in everything he does. Plus, loyalty will not be questioned in such a couple as neither is a jealous type and they will be too busy adoring each other to spend time worrying about anyone outside of the relationship.


Gemini is another air sign that could complete the life of a Libra man in the most complex and intense manner. These two have a mutual understanding that helps them bond together for the long term. They respect each other and base their relationship on a solid friendship filled with rainy weekend movie marathons and quality time.

In terms of romance, the Gemini woman and the Libra man have similar ideals and will complement each other beautifully. The only risk in such a relationship is the inconsistent nature of the Gemini. But with good communication and clear boundaries, mutual trust can be achieved. 


A Cancer woman is just as loyal and supportive as a Libra man which makes them appreciate each other very fast. They can understand each other’s emotions and expectations harmoniously.

However, the Cancer lady can be a bit more intense than her Libra partner. If the Libra meets the emotional needs of his Cancer lady, this relationship could be a match made in heaven. 

Final thoughts

Libra men know how to cherish their relationship and make their partner feel loved and respected. So, if you get the attention of a Libran, hold on to them and you may even find the love of your life! 

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