Venus in Taurus, Mars in Taurus Compatibility

TaurusHappy hedonists both, Venus in Taurus and Mars in Taurus take delight in the sensual pleasures of life. If it involves good food, sex, art, music or smells, this couple will be there. Earthy and grounded, they keep a slow and steady pace, content to take life one day at a time.

Venus in Taurus, as the quintessential earth mama, provides solid and stable love. Once she opens her heart to someone, she’s not likely to change her mind about them overnight. She appreciates physical demonstrations of affection, which help her to feel connected and close to her partner. This Venus also enjoys a well-chosen gift, something that is both beautiful and practical. Though she can be possessive and stubborn in love, Venus in Taurus is also steadfast and sure, ready to commit for the long-term.

Mars in Taurus is like a careful warrior, biding his time before he makes his move. This Mars slowly and steadily achieves his desires, taking one step at a time. He pursues the object of his affection with determination and focus, not giving up easily when thwarted. Mars placed in the sign of the bull is patient, but also stubborn. It is not easy to deflect him once he has determined a course of action.

Venus in Taurus and Mars in Taurus are able to create a lush stability in their relationship with each other. Their mutual need for ample physical comfort allows them to feel safe and secure as they join forces to get their needs met. This combo is steady and drama-free, content to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. They can invigorate their relationship by periodically trying something new, or taking a risk together. This will prevent their relationship from becoming stagnant.

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