Venus in Taurus, Mars in Virgo Compatibility

TaurusLike two little Hobbits, this couple creates a stable union that is grounded in all things earthy. You’ll find them gardening, eating, cooking and cleaning together. Content with the simple pleasures in life, Venus in Taurus and Mars in Virgo are happy to just be together, enjoying mundane activities side by side. Though fireworks and exhibitionist behavior are not their thing, they do experience a quiet kind of passion, enjoying a good cuddle and a thorough exploration of each other’s bodies.

Venus in Taurus has a quiet sensuality that thrives on physical affection. In love, she appreciates a stable and nurturing relationship that she can depend on. Venus in Taurus also enjoys the art of self-adornment, and wants to be appreciated for her ability to present herself at her best. This Venus demonstrates her affection in a practical way, showing rather than telling her love. Though she may not be dramatic in romance, she is steady and constant.

VirgoMars in Virgo has a precision and clarity to his approach to love that is unmatched. This Mars appreciates quality and depth in a partner, and will not settle for anything less. Mars in Virgo pursues with dedication and a desire to serve. He will do almost anything to make the object of his desire happy. In bed, this Mars’ earthy nature and attention to detail makes him a lover of note.

Venus in Taurus thrives under Mars in Virgo’s attentive care. Feeling appreciated, she returns his practical affection easily. Mars in Virgo learns about the art of relaxation from Venus in Taurus, something he sorely needs. Her calm and gentle presence soothes his frayed nerves and provides him with a steady diet of sensual goodness.

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