Venus in Virgo, Mars in Taurus Compatibility

virgoVenus in Virgo and Mars in Taurus are the ultimate earthy couple. This pair is all about practicality, but this doesn’t mean boring. Their chemistry is embodied and grounded – they share a love for the sensual pleasures in life. This duo enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking and working together, and can spend many hours quietly side by side, happily puttering away.

Venus in Virgo’s style of loving is all about service. She wants to please her partner with her impeccable attention to detail and her almost uncanny ability to anticipate their every need. Because Venus in Virgo so appreciates quality, she may set her standards very high, demanding a lot from both herself and those she loves. This can create stress and tension when she neglects to serve herself first. However, when Venus in Virgo is relaxed and worry-free, she can be the most sensual of lovers, applying her exquisite understanding of perfection to lovemaking in a most earthy way.

TaurusMars in Taurus’s ability to focus and patiently persist in his efforts makes him a lover of renown. This Mars could easily spend all of his time indulging in sensual pleasures, and sometimes does. He is most driven to action when motivated by the thought of further pleasure and physical comfort. If there’s a sensory treat to explore, Mars in Taurus is on it. Though his steadiness can sometimes turn to stagnation, when he is at his best, he is a conneusseur of earthly delights.

Mars in Taurus thrives on Venus in Virgo’s skillful application of the arts of love. Venus in Virgo appreciates the steady and thorough approach that Mars in Taurus takes both in bed and in life. Together, this couple can create the stable ground on which to build a life together.

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