Venus in Libra, Mars in Aries Compatibility

LibraVenus in Libra and Mars in Aries are usually wildly attracted to each other, sizzling from the electricity that is sparked by their essential differences. Like leather and lace, these two are polar opposites. Venus in Libra, soft and sweet; Mars in Aries, the quintessential “bad boy.” As a couple, they leave a little trail of steam behind them, inspiring everyone with their passion.

Venus in Libra is romantic to the core. Flowers, poetry, moonlit walks and all the old-fashioned, sort of clichéd, but sweet little touches really turn her on. Good manners are required when approaching this Venus, as is a certain level of diplomacy and charm. She’ll respond with a sweetness and grace unmatched by any of the other Venus signs. Though she can sometimes have a hard time making up her mind about a partner, once she commits, she’ll bond for life.

AriesMars in Aries is on fire when in love. He pursues with vigor and enthusiasm that is spurred on by his innate appreciation of any kind of worthy challenge. While he’s on the hunt, Mars in Aries is focused and fearless. But when this Mars scores a victory (and he almost always does), the Ram has been known to disappear just as quickly, looking for new terrain to conquer. If he can find a mate who presents an ongoing challenge, he’s more likely to stick around for the long term.

Venus in Libra can’t get enough of Mars in Aries’ passion and fire, which leaves her melting at his touch. But his sometimes brutish habits can also offend her delicate sensibilities. Mars in Aries is mesmerized by Venus in Libra’s ladylike ways, but he may sometimes just crave a good shag. If these two can stretch a bit, their relationship will find a way to fulfill all their needs.

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