Venus in Libra, Mars in Cancer Compatibility

LibraWhat happens when air and water meet? When the sky above and the watery depths below come together, they create a unique chemistry somewhat akin to the experience of watching a lightning storm unfold in the middle of the ocean. Airy Venus in Libra charms and entertains shy Mars in Cancer, gently bringing the crab out of his homey shell. Mars in Cancer relentlessly protects, nurtures and cares for Venus in Libra, providing a safe and comfortable place to retreat to. But the time always comes when Venus in Libra would rather make things look pretty than process feelings, and Mars in Cancer would rather drink cyanide than go to one more cocktail party. This is when the trouble (and the fun) begins.

CancerThe fights that result when airy coolness meets watery depth can be both passionate and intense, as Venus in Libra tries to keep things “nice” and conflict-free, while Mars in Cancer throws up his crabby walls, determined to protect the sanctuary of his own emotions and inner world. Venus in Libra wants a relationship that is peaceful, romantic and civilized. Moody displays of feeling and too much time at home are not what she has in mind. Mars in Cancer’s pincer claws need to hold on to what he loves (and tightly), and may not be agreeable to giving Venus in Libra the space she needs to breathe.

Retreating in self-protection, Mars in Cancer moves crabbily sideways, away from any potential hurts or harm. Usually, Venus in Libra is then drawn to go after Mars in Cancer, traveling deeper into the realm of emotion than she might be used to. Mars in Cancer responds with curiosity and interest, wondering what pleasurable offers Venus in Libra might have up her sleeve to soothe and attract him back out of his shell. The differences between these two can serve to be a spark that keeps things interesting, or an irritant that just won’t go away. Most often a relationship that involves this combo is an ongoing mix of both.

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