Venus in Taurus, Mars in Leo Compatibility

TaurusWhen the sweet, stable comfort of Venus in Taurus meets up with the dramatic, solar fireworks of Mars in Leo, stuff happens. Sexy stuff, scary stuff and all kinds of other stuff. These two do not a meek and mild couple make. Their basic elemental differences create a potent chemistry that can create havoc … fun havoc to be sure, but havoc just the same. As they search to both appreciate and resolve their differences, they each have the potential to grow and develop, expanding beyond their comfort zones to create a relationship of depth and power.

Venus in Taurus—aka “Earth Mama”—is like a rock of love. She exudes a calm sensuality that is as potent as warm honey. Comfortable in her body and appreciative of all the creature comforts of life, this Venus knows how to enjoy herself. She is dependable and steady in relationships, appreciating routine and continuity. Though her need for “sameness” can make her possessive and stubborn in love, it’s only because she knows what she wants and once she gets it, she wants to hang on for life.

LeoMars in Leo burns brightly, like a warm, golden sun. Living life with gusto, this Mars brings a bold and dramatic approach to the art of love. His passionate heart makes Mars in Leo a true romantic, who will woo his beloved with creativity and wit. This King of the Jungle can have a tendency to be “over the top” and let his ego get in the way of his relationships, but when he learns to temper himself and consider other’s needs first, he’s like a big cuddly cat.

Venus In Taurus is drawn to Mars in Leo’s warmth and generosity, but she may be put off by his bragdacious ways. Mars in Leo finds Venus in Taurus to be the “cat’s meow”—sensually sexy in all the right ways—though he can get irritated by her slow and stubborn side. This couple would never be described as calm and retiring, but their relationship will always be interesting.

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