Venus in Aries, Mars in Capricorn Compatibility

AriesThe Warrior Queen (Venus in Aries) and the Patriarch (Mars in Capricorn) form a union that can become combustible or sexy, depending on the circumstances. Their relationship is rarely calm, as each struggles for dominance and control. Though they may never exactly resolve their differences, they can learn to love each other’s style of relating. Their fire and earth mix may seem daunting, but these two cardinal signs both understand each other’s need to be in charge.

Venus in Aries loves without fear. Courageous and daring, she charges headfirst into relationships—acting first and thinking later. Though her actions can cause plenty of drama, this Venus thrives on risk-taking, and needs to take the lead in matters of the heart. Drawn to partners who present a challenge, Venus in Aries will fight to the death in the name of love. Her pugnacious style of romance may be a bit much for more retiring types, but those who appreciate a bit of spice in their relationships will resonate with her feisty approach.

CapricornMars in Capricorn is slow and steady in love. With an earthy approach that is thoughtful and deep, this Mars can be seriously sexy. His dedication and commitment to his partner can be considerable, though it may be some time before he actually decides on “the one.” He doesn’t like to rush in the bedroom, preferring to take his time and do the job right.

While Venus in Aries is attracted to Mars in Capricorn’s “take charge” attitude, she can’t resist her desire to try and stir him up. Mars in Capricorn is excited and stimulated by Venus in Aries’ bold approach, but can grow unnerved by her “take no prisoners” attitude. The electric chemistry generated by this unlikely couple can keep them entertained for awhile. Whether they can create a sustainable partnership is a mystery, dependent only on their mutual desire to compromise and work on their relationship.

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