Venus in Aries, Mars in Aries Compatibility

AriesBang! Bam! Boom! Talk about fireworks! This Venus and Mars pairing is fiery, passionate and bold. Their combustible union of fire meeting fire creates a relationship that is always on the move and full of action.

Venus in Aries has a courageous and confident approach to love. This “take no prisoners” planet/sign combo goes after relationships without hesitation. Venus in Aries usually knows exactly who she wants to partner with and is ready to jump into relationships and get started without a need for pause or consideration. This fast-paced approach to love is met head on by Mars in Aries, who loves to move quickly in matters of the heart. Assertive, cocky and probably more than a little competitive, this Mars loves nothing more than to “win” the object of his desire.

Though Venus in Aries might offer a bit of a challenge to Mars in Aries — just for the fun of it — these two will usually be on a speed train towards love in no time. As a couple, this combo may seem outwardly combative and aggressive towards each other, but this type of conflict-happy dynamic makes Venus in Aries feel loved, and turns Mars in Aries on. Fighting for this pair is like foreplay, an exciting exchange of energy that allows them both to build up their emotions to a peak and then burn them off later during make-up sex. Though others might not understand this feisty approach to love, for this duo, it works just fine.

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