Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Virgo Compatibility

SagittariusThese signs have clashing approaches to life; Sagittarius wants to cover as much ground as possible while Virgo is driven to focus on the fine print. If they’re going to make it as a couple, some serious adjustments will be required.

Venus in Sagittarius is the wide-eyed explorer. Life is an adventure for Ms. Sag, and her partner had better keep up. Passionately enthusiastic, she needs someone who can challenge her physically and mentally. She thrives on a constant influx of new experiences and would rather be alone than with someone who restricts her. Eternally hopeful, she sees the best in every situation. The flip-side of this is her reluctance to deal with ugly little relationship details. She’d much rather believe that everything will just work out as she blazes forward with her infectious charm.

VirgoMars in Virgo is the dedicated craftsman. Hyper-observant, Mr. Virgo will only make a romantic move after some serious analysis. Here is the dedicated lover who approaches sex with a determination to be the best. Ever. His partner will undoubtedly appreciate his skills. However, his nervous tension can be a bit much as he is the ultimate perfectionist. He expresses his feelings with practical actions and is not big on romance. Confidence is low, and Mars in Virgo will often restrict himself because of his fear of failure.

Venus in Sagittarius can certainly teach Virgo about kicking-back. He may be reluctant at first, but if anyone can convince Mars in Virgo to explore, it’s Sagittarius. The downside? Sagittarius will find Virgo’s worries incomprehensible, and Virgo will hate having his routine disrupted by Sag.

Much self-awareness will be needed by both sides if this relationship is going to work. Venus in Sagittarius appreciates anything that’s different. Why not apply this to Virgo and work on accepting his OCD tendencies? Mars in Virgo can ground Ms. Sag and attempt to dial back his obsessive need to have things just so. It won’t be easy, but these two can learn a lot from each other.

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