Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Scorpio Compatibility

Like Persephone and Hades, this duo rules the underworld of love and sex with depth and style. Powerful and intense, the Venus and Mars in Scorpio couple is a force to be reckoned with.

This pair gravitates towards environments and situations in which they can delve beneath the surface of life. This exposes the energetic and emotional core that lies below. Like volcanic activity, the conflicts that emerge from this couple’s partnership are earth-shattering. But have the potential to enrich the soil of their union over time.

Together, this Venus/Mars pair can get through just about anything.

Venus in Scorpio has no time for BS in love

She wants to know right away if she can trust you, and she usually has an uncanny ability to figure this out pretty much immediately.

Her instinctual gauge of who is safe to love and who is better left untouched has probably been developed through a rough history of trial and error, as this Venus has often learned about matters of the heart the hard way.

That’s why, once she finds you, she never wants to let go. Venus in Scorpio offers a deep and fierce love, with a passion that’s hard to beat and that often expresses itself in sexual desire.

Feed her appetite and stay loyal, and she’s yours for life (and also probably even after death).

Mars in Scorpio is like the dark knight, wooing from a place of magnetic power and intensity

This Mars has an innate understanding of emotional complexity and the psychological underpinnings of life. Moving through the world with stealth and a bit of secrecy. He rarely shows his hand, preferring to wait until others divulge their secrets first.

Venus and Mars in Scorpio can commit to each other out of an empathetic understanding. They may need to go through a few rounds of games until they understand exactly who they’re dealing with.

Once they realize they’re equally matched, they’ll settle in to enjoy their underground kingdom. Ready to enjoy the shared pleasures that await them there.

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