Venus Conjunct Venus Synastry

Venus conjunct Venus in synastry indicates a strong attraction and mutual understanding between two people. It often creates an instant connection.

With Venus + Venus conjunction in a synastry chart, we have two people with Venus in the same sign. This type of conjunction amplifies the energy of Venus, and the couple is based on high emotional compatibility. 

Venus, the planet of love 

Venus is one of the most positive and complex planets in astrology. Known as the Goddess of Love, Venus rules the Earth sign of Taurus and the air sign of Libra. This planet speaks not only about love and affection but also money and luxurious things. 

It is the planet that impacts our deepest desires and the things we value most in life. It gives us our charm, beauty, and grace. The placement of Venus in our chart tells us about our tastes, desires, and pleasures but also about our artistic side. It shows us what makes us happy and helps us pursue them. 

We also look at the position of Venus in our natal chart to understand how to approach the most emotional relationships in our life. It also shows us what we find pleasure in and what makes our hearts beat faster. The house and the sign in which Venus is placed are significant for its energy in the chart and how it is aspected by other planets. 

The house of Venus represents the area of our life where we need to seek balance and constant improvement. This area feels more like home to us as it is the closest to our hearts. The sign of Venus speaks about the energy we use to chase the things we love and to use the power of Venus in our closest relationships. Venus also tells us how we prefer to spend our money and the type of activities we would instead invest in. It can also show the purpose we want to make money in the first place. 

Venus’s energy and placement in a chart also tell us a lot about how we attract people and things and maintain those attachments. It wakes us up to the need to feel appreciated as well as the need to show our appreciation towards others. 

Venus in man or woman’s chart

There is a debate in astrology regarding the influence of Venus in a man’s chart rather than the influence of Venus in a woman’s chart. In a man’s chart, Venus speaks more about the qualities or features a man looks for in a woman than his features.

When we look at the position of Venus in a woman’s chart, this energy speaks a lot about her way of showing affection, love, passion, and her approach to relationships. But this approach is still open for debate and is strictly related to the rest of the planets in the chart, which is why it is not used as a rule to interpret Venus. 

Venus is always within 45 degrees of the Sun in a chart, so it is also highly influenced by the Sun’s energy. It is exalted in Pisces and challenged in Aries, Scorpio, and Virgo. 

Venus conjunct Venus synastry 

When two people have their Venuses in the same sign of the synastry, their compatibility will be very high. These two partners understand each other and share the same values in life. It is one of the best synastry aspects for couples and long-term friendships. It is also a significant aspect in a synastry between a parent and a child.

To understand how Venus conjunct Venus can impact your relationship, we have to look at the emotional aspect, physical and mental equally.

Note that this type of synastry aspect also brings some challenges, even if its complexity is more about blessings and benefits for both partners involved. 

Emotional connection 

The emotional connection of the two partners with Venus conjunct Venus is intense and honest. This is the best aspect to have in a romantic relationship. Both partners are attracted to each other, and even more than that, they appreciate the same qualities as each other. Couples with this type of synastry aspect share the same love language. They express love similarly and expect the same kind of affection. 

When two people with Venus conjunct Venus get together, their emotional bond evolves fast. This bond could soon become the foundation of their entire relationship. They will connect so well regarding values, expectations, and feelings that they will not need to look elsewhere for a better match. The fact that they are also very honest about their feelings and have no hidden agendas will also add to the quality of their overall relationship. 

Two Venus planets in conjunction will bring a lot of romance to this couple, and even grand gestures meant to show the love they share. The two partners have the chance to share a smooth and beautiful relationship that could last a lifetime. 

Physical connection 

Intimacy and, in general, the physical connection is essential for both partners that share a Venus conjunct Venus synastry. In terms of sexuality, these two individuals will be very compatible. They like to pursue their fantasies together and pay attention to their partner’s needs. This type of sexual compatibility, backed by their mutual and harmonious emotional bond, will complete the relationship beautifully. 

When one partner is curious about exploring different sides of their sexuality, they will be pleased to discover their partner is sharing their curiosity. So, they will develop at an intimate level together as long as they stay honest about their desires. 

People with Venus conjunct Venus in their synastry also share the same values regarding their active lifestyles. They enjoy the same sports and activities and spend their free time in similar fashions. This compatibility will strengthen their bond at a friendship level, besides the sexual aspect of their relationship. 

Mental connection 

Venus conjunct Venus is an excellent aspect of the psychological connection between two people. They will be able to relate to each other and understand other judgments in many situations. Thanks to this mutual understanding, both partners will feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, and they will feel appreciated for that. The risk of arguments is also reduced as they will get to each other on the deepest levels. 

Two people with this type of synastry aspect will likely be able to avoid challenging discussions because they can anticipate their partner’s thoughts and reactions towards specific topics. They will get to know each other fast, and they might even develop a form of telepathy. 

Benefits of Venus conjunct Venus 

Venus conjunct Venus is almost a magical aspect in a synastry. So, it is no surprise that this aspect significantly benefits a relationship. 

Harmonious bond 

These two partners will share a genuinely harmonious connection at all levels. The energy between them will be noticeable even to other people as they have the potential to light up any room. They have that type of bond that flows through their daily life and brings them closer together through any obstacle.

This harmony will give both partners the feeling that they are part of the same team and intend to have each other’s back in times of need. They are a complete couple with no unmet needs, and no desires left unexplored. 

True friendship 

Besides the romantic bond these two partners share, the Venus conjunct Venus also brings a strong friendship. They will have quality time together and share plenty of fun activities. When these two people spend their time together, they will not need anything else.

They can even become each other’s confidence as their connection is also based on mutual trust. They always rely on each other and are not afraid to share their true selves with their partner.

You are right if you think this is how all relationships should be. Venus conjunct Venus brings this type of friendship that can even overpower the romantic aspect. 


Honesty will be one of the main poles of this relationship. It is not only offered but also expected. Both partners need to count on each other’s sincerity, and they put that over anything else. And thanks to the high level of compatibility, this couple does not need secret agendas.

They feel comfortable enough with each other to share their thoughts, feelings, plans, and expectations. There are no mind games or useless dramas when we have a Venus conjunct Venus in a synastry. 

Sexual compatibility 

Sexual compatibility is also very beneficial when Venus conjuncts Venus in a synastry. This doesn’t mean that the partners are building their relationship just on sexual desires or physical attraction alone.

It instead means that when it comes to their intimate life, they are both on the same page regarding fantasies and desires.

This type of compatibility is the most important one. If they feel free to share their fantasies with their partner, their sexual life will be perfect. 

Shared values 

As we mentioned, Venus conjunct Venus invites a long-term relationship that could even become a lifelong marriage. This wouldn’t be possible, or at least easy to achieve if the two partners involved wouldn’t share the same values regarding the most important aspects of life.

These two partners think alike regarding love, money, hobbies, and life goals. They may not have the same objectives in life, but they will resonate with each other and support each other in their growth path. 

Challenges of Venus conjunct Venus 

Despite the excellent compatibility offered by this aspect, Venus conjunct Venus can also bring challenges. However, these challenges are rarely essential and are very connected to other elements in the synastry. 

Too much of a good thing could become harmful. 

These two partners could be so compatible that they become somewhat bored. If Venus is not good aspected in both charts, they might need some new excitement that is more entertaining. It could be just one partner feeling this way or both of them. 

Communication could help avoid such an outcome. If they feel like they are not satisfied with the routine of their life, it is essential to talk about it openly and seek solutions together. Sometimes, a simple solution like a beautiful vacation or city break could fix this uncomfortable feeling. 

Too high expectations

Even if the expectations of both partners are reasonably mutual, that doesn’t mean they would be real ones. Venus invites luxurious desires and extravagant lifestyles, and both of the people involved in the relationship could expect that from each other. If the expectations are not met, arguments might happen, and their intense emotional bond might fall into second place. 

Remember that couples should work as teams to achieve their life goals. Putting high expectations on your partner could bring frustrations and arguments and even break the relationship. 

Final thoughts 

Venus conjunct Venus brings magic and harmony into a relationship. However, it is imperative to acknowledge the synastry’s other aspects before making any final conclusions.

Keep your romance alive and your friendship growing strong, and chances of living a happily ever after love story will be maximum. 

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