Neptune Sextile Neptune Synastry

In astrology, Neptune holds a special place, symbolizing intuition, spirituality, and the dissolution of boundaries that separate reality and illusion. Among the synastry aspects, the Neptune sextile Neptune synastry stands out as a harmonious interaction. It brings deep emotional, spiritual, and intuitive connections between partners.

Let’s explore the essence of this celestial alignment, its benefits and challenges, and how it influences a relationship. If you have this aspect in your composite chart, keep reading to use its incredible energy!

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The energy of Neptune

Neptune’s energy is dreamy, spiritual, and often elusive. Neptune is the planet associated with the higher aspects of love, compassion, and understanding, transcending the material world’s limitations. It encourages us to dream and connect with the parts of ourselves that are not bound by the physical realm. In astrology, Neptune’s position in a natal chart points to areas where we seek idealism and experience disillusionment and enlightenment.

This planet is responsible for the imaginative ideas to life but Neptune is also a portal to our psychic nature. Neptune in Scorpio for instance, gives a native stronger psychic abilities than the average person. In this case, we also need to look at Neptune and Pluto aspects for more clarity.

While Neptune represents a dreamy side of life, if it forms Saturn aspects it can become a more directed energy. Saturn brings restrictions and realism to Neptune, giving its energy a mature path to follow. On the other hand, Moon and Neptune aspects can be highly idealistic and emotional. It is important to look at all the placements in a natal chart and synastry to understand the energy of a Neptune person.

Neptune sextile Neptune synastry

The sextile aspect occurs when two planets are approximately 60 degrees apart, indicating a harmonious and supportive relationship between them. In the context of Neptune sextile Neptune synastry, this aspect amplifies mutual understanding, empathy, and a shared spiritual or creative vision between two individuals. It suggests an intuitive link that enables each person to sense the other’s dreams and aspirations, as well as fears and illusions.

When we look at Neptune in a synastry, all its aspects are important. Neptune conjunct, trine or Neptune sextile Moon, combine inner feelings with ideals and dreams that might be unrealistic. Both Neptune and the Moon are highly emotional planets and their aspects can impact a connection significantly. On the other hand, a Neptune square Uranus can bring struggles when it comes to change and innovation.

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Emotional connection

The emotional connection in Neptune sextile Neptune synastry is marked by a deep understanding between the individuals. This aspect allows both natives to be highly empathetic and sensitive to one another’s emotional states. It is nurturing a relationship where emotional support and compassion are abundant. Partners can connect on a soul level, often experiencing a sense of oneness that transcends ordinary emotional interactions.

Physical connection

Although Neptune is not primarily associated with physicality, this sextile can influence the physical connection between partners. This influence manifests in a heightened sense of unity during physical intimacy. The boundaries between the self and the other blur, encapsulating both in a shared dreamlike state. The physical connection, under Neptune’s spell, becomes a vehicle for spiritual and emotional union.

Mental connection

The mental connection in Neptune sextile Neptune synastry is characterized by a shared intuitive understanding and approach to problem-solving. Partners find it easy to communicate their most abstract thoughts and dreams. They are inspiring each other to explore new spiritual, philosophical, or artistic territories. This aspect fosters open and honest communication. It is allowing both individuals to express their deepest insecurities and illusions without fear of judgment. They engage in shared spiritual knowledge and perspectives that help them grow stronger!

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Benefits of Neptune sextile Neptune synastry

Neptune sextile Neptune aspect can bring blessings in various aspects of life for a couple. But these two celestial bodies need to be in harmony with the rest of the synastry to manifest these benefits.

Spiritual Connection and Growth

This aspect significantly enhances the spiritual bond between two individuals, encouraging both to embark on a journey of spiritual growth. The energy of Neptune sextile encourages a shared exploration of spiritual realms and concepts. It is contributing to a profound understanding and appreciation of life’s mystical aspects. This celestial alignment nurtures a mutual pursuit of spirituality. It is deepening the soul connection that is vital for navigating life’s ups and downs together.

Empathetic Resonance

The sextile between Neptune in one partner’s natal chart and Neptune in the other’s chart fosters empathy and compassion. This harmonious aspect allows partners to be acutely sensitive to each other’s moods and emotional states. It is nurturing a deep emotional connection that is empathetic and understanding. It is as if the Neptune person’s intuitive capabilities are heightened, allowing for a compassionate exchange of feelings and an intuitive understanding of each other’s inner worlds.

Creative and Imaginative Synergy

Neptune’s influence is profoundly creative and imaginative, and when two Neptunes form a sextile aspect in synastry, it amplifies the couple’s ability to inspire and motivate each other creatively. Partners find themselves more inclined to share imaginative ideas, bringing dreamy visions to life together. This synergy not only fosters a nurturing environment for artistic expression but also strengthens the bond by engaging in creative endeavors that reflect their shared aesthetic and spiritual values.

Intuitive Link and Psychic Harmony

When Neptune is sextile Neptune in synastry, it enhances the intuitive link between partners. This aspect is creating a psychic harmony that facilitates a deeper understanding of each other’s thoughts and feelings. This telepathic connection is a hallmark of Neptune sextile Neptune in synastry, where the intuitive and imaginative faculties of both individuals are aligned. It is fostering a relationship rich in unspoken understanding and mutual psychic intuition.

Harmony and Reduced Conflicts

The harmonious nature of the sextile aspect ensures a smoother relationship dynamic, characterized by fewer conflicts and misunderstandings. This aspect in synastry creates a supportive and mutually beneficial interaction between the two Neptune positions, promoting peace and harmony. The Neptune sextile Neptune synastry aspect softens the potential for discord. It is allowing for a more fluid and graceful navigation of the relationship’s challenges.

Challenges of Neptune sextile Neptune synastry

Neptune sextile Neptune is one of the most complex placements in a synastry. While it is not a challenging aspect like Neptune square Saturn or an opposition, it can still bring struggles. A positive astrological aspect with Venus can help the partners overcome these difficult times easier.

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Navigating Illusions

The quintessence of Neptune’s energy is intertwined with the realm of dreams and illusions. Neptune sextile Neptune synastry poses the risk of building relationships on foundations that may not align with reality. Partners may wear rose-colored glasses, idealizing each other and the relationship. This can lead to significant disillusionment when reality unveils itself.

Practicality in the Shadows

Neptune’s dreamy disposition can sometimes overshadow the necessity for practicality and groundedness in a relationship. While Neptune is often seen as  emotionally and spiritually enriching, it might struggle in the face of mundane challenges. Managing finances, scheduling, and other earth-bound responsibilities can become areas of neglect, potentially leading to friction or dissatisfaction.

Emotional Overwhelm

The deep emotional and intuitive connection fostered by this aspect can become overwhelming. Each partner’s ability to tune into the other’s emotional state with acute sensitivity is a double-edged sword. While it nurtures understanding and empathy, it can also lead to a situation where the moods and emotional turmoil of one partner excessively burden the other, potentially creating co-dependency rather than mutual support.

The Lure of Escapism

Neptune’s influence is synonymous with escapism, offering a refuge in the spiritual or imaginative realms from the harshness of reality. In the context of Neptune sextile Neptune synastry, both partners may find themselves indulging in this tendency. They may be using their relationship as a vehicle to escape dealing with personal or external challenges. This mutual escapism, while comforting in the short term, can prevent growth and addressing of critical issues that require attention.

Misunderstandings and Miscommunication

Despite the intuitive and empathetic communication channels opened by this aspect, the nature of Neptune can sometimes cloud clear understanding. Conversations and interactions may be laden with assumptions based on intuitive feelings rather than concrete facts, leading to misunderstandings. The nebulous communication, while rich in emotional and spiritual expression, may lack the clarity needed for complex or practical matters.

Challenge in Balancing Spiritual and Material Worlds

The enriching spiritual and emotional depth that Neptune sextile Neptune synastry brings can make the balancing act between the spiritual realm and the material world a significant challenge. Partners may find themselves so immersed in their shared spiritual or imaginative pursuits that they neglect the importance of establishing a stable and practical foundation for their relationship in the physical world.

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What is a Neptune person in synastry?

A Neptune person is the native that has its natal Neptune forming an aspect with a planet from another person’s birth chart. Neptune aspects can offer a better understanding regarding the dynamic of a relationship and the emotional connection between the partners.

What is the synastry conjunction between Saturn and Neptune?

This conjunction is a struggle between chasing your dreams and staying grounded in reality. A couple with this aspect can face many challenges. But if they learn to use the maturity of Saturn and the visionary energy of Neptune, they could achieve greater things than they could ever imagine.

How does Saturn feel in synastry?

Saturn brings stability, responsibility and maturity in all the aspects it forms. It is a very karmic planet as well which means that it will help us learn valuable lessons through all the struggles we face.

Final thoughts

Neptune sextile Neptune synastry embodies the potential for a deeply spiritual, empathetic, and intuitive connection between two individuals. It offers a rare opportunity for partners to explore the depths of their souls and the universe together. This aspect is fostering a relationship that transcends the ordinary.

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