Five Things Never to Say to a Scorpio

If you’ve ever been involved with a Scorpio, you know he or she can be deeply loving, passionate and committed. You also know Scorpio can be deeply uncompromising on a few subjects. Scorpio will go to the ends of the earth for you, but there are certain words that should never cross your lips if you want this sign in your life.

“Let’s Keep it Casual”

Statements that indicate you want to see other people also fall under the “keep it casual” umbrella. If Scorpio is into you, he’s already decided he wants a full-on relationship, even if this is your first date. He’s energized by merging, exclusivity, and the deep exploration that can happen between two people. If you decide you’re not ready for anything serious, you’ve lost him.

He has no interest in superficial connections, or in competing with others for your affection. He may briefly try to “convince” (seduce) you, but he knows when he’s wasting his energy. There will be no second date, and any interest he initially showed in you will vanish. Forget about follow-up flirting and “what does he mean by that” texts. He’s moved on.

“Lighten Up”

Also, any version of “You’re freaking me out with your intensity.” These words will be interpreted as a direct attack on who Scorpio is. Whether this is your response to her probing questions, unbroken eye contact, or her desire to push past certain limits in the bedroom, you’re demonstrating that you’re like all the others who were scared off by her intensity.

Even if you’re joking, be careful. It’s a hot-button issue because she’s well aware that she scares people off, but she’s not going to apologize for this. If you’re just getting to know Scorpio, she’ll take this as a sign that you’re not the right person for her. If you’re already in a relationship, and she reveals a deeper layer that catches you off guard, this will be a major turn-off.

She may not walk out the door, but she’ll withdraw. She’ll be deeply hurt, and she’ll also ponder if she can move forward with you.

“I Went Through Your Email/Journal”

This actually falls under the category of “Things Not to Do to a Scorpio.” But if you get the urge to snoop, don’t think for a second that coming clean (to ease your guilt or catch him in a lie) will work in your favor. Scorpio wants to have an all-access pass to your secrets, and he’s certainly revealed a few of his own. But if there’s something he’s holding back, he’s just not ready to share it.

He may reveal it in the future (on his terms) or he may never let you into that particular corner of his life. His privacy is absolutely sacred, and violating it will have two possible consequences: you’ll infuriate him and/or he’ll leave you. Scorpio’s anger is a nerve-wracking thing to experience because it’s triggered when he feels his survival is being threatened. And it doesn’t blow over quickly.

This may seem like an extreme reaction, but his boundaries are non-negotiable. You’re showing him you can’t be trusted, and the odds of forgiveness are slim.

“I Flirted With ___”

Include any scenario where you didn’t “technically” cheat, but your actions were not 100% loyal. This is another example of things to not do, but if you’re feeling guilty and decide that fessing up will help, think again. Scorpio’s intense love and loyalty for you also comes with a generous dose of jealousy.

You may even think that confessing will spice things up by keeping her on her toes (she’ll know that others find you desirable). Wrong. What this will do is send her out the door, permanently. You’ve violated her trust. In her books, not quite cheating is the same as cheating.  If she doesn’t walk out, expect an ice age as she freezes you out by denying you her love and affection.

Yes, she’s punishing you. And it will take a long, long time for her to thaw.

“I’m Not in The Mood to Have Sex”

This is a tricky one because no one should feel pressured to have sex when they don’t want to. And realistically, it’s ok to say this sometimes. If you’re not in the mood occasionally, your Scorpio partner will respect this. But if this becomes a regular thing, you’re denying him his primary mode for expressing love and maintaining the partnership’s bond.

Sex is important to Scorpio. All the deep conversations are great, but at the end of the day, he wants to get as close to you as he possibly can. Merging must take place on all levels, and sex is much more than a physical release for him — it’s how he renews his energy.

Obviously, if you develop medical issues that prevent you from being intimate, he’ll patiently stick by you until the issues are resolved. But if a relationship becomes celibate, with no sign of revival, Scorpio will eventually move on. If you’re feeling unattractive because you’ve gained a few pounds, or you’re just too tired (all the time), know that eventually, he’ll run out of patience.


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