When A Scorpio Man is Done with You

It can take a lot to push away a Scorpio guy once he is in a serious relationship. Scorpion men are some of the most committed zodiac signs once they decide you’re worthy of their hearts.

However, when a Scorpio man is done with you, there will be clear signs. Scorpios are deeply complex, with lots of internal emotions and feelings. You might not see it coming that he’s had enough, but you will definitely feel it once the decision is made.

Scorpio star sign (October 23 – November 21) – water sign – Ruled by planet pluto– the planet of creative destruction. Common Scorpio personality traits: Mysterious, complex, deep thinkers, impulsive, intuitive.

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Scorpio Men

Scorpio men value deep connections, both physically and mentally. If you have an inability to go deep with him and explore true feelings, or you’ve lost interest in sex, it will push him away. The same goes for trust. Trust is very important for the complex Scorpio male.

If this has been broken along the way, it’s hard for him to give it a second chance. In fact, more often than not, when the trust is broken, there is no way back.

Sometimes, there is no one thing that has happened for the relationship to be over. It can simply be that they have outgrown you. Scorpio is a fixed sign with an eye on the prize of how they imagine their life. It might just mean their life trajectory has changed and it no longer fits around you.

How do you know when a Scorpio man is done?

He detaches from you

Scorpios love spending time in deep conversations and sharing their inner thoughts and feelings. If your Scorpio boyfriend or partner has begun to resort to small talk and trivial conversations, this is one of the first signs.

A healthy relationship for a Scorpio is at a deep level, so if he no longer talks with you like this, the emotional connection is lost.

Physical intimacy has wained

Sex and physical contact are a must for the Scorpio zodiac sign. A Scorpio man loves sex. They are passionate lovers and It is one of the main ways they show their love interest. If the sex has gone in the romantic relationship, this is a sure sign that there is a problem.

They can be mean and spiteful

A sad or hurt Scorpio partner can be mean. If your relationship has faltered because of broken trust or betrayal on your part, your Scorpio can retaliate by hurting you back. This is their way of protecting themselves from further pain.

He might say petty or mean comments, or go to great lengths to annoy you. He may engage in power struggles around areas that used to never be an issue. This stems from his hurt feelings and his need to protect himself.

He strays

If he’s hurt because there was cheating from your end, he may very well retaliate by following suit and cheating too. When it gets to this point, The best thing to do is walk away. There is no way back for the relationship. Scorpios can be very spiteful and manipulative once they have been hurt.

They don’t give their heart out easily in the first place, so if it’s been broken then that’s it. They try to heal their broken heart by feeding their feelings of anger and resentment.

He makes big life decisions without you

Maybe it’s a new job or moving cities. If your Scorpio partner makes these decisions without you, he no longer sees you as his partner or true love. A committed Scorpio is all in, so if he’s making moves without you it sounds like he is now all out.

He’s rude to you in front of other people or behind your back.

An in-love Scorpio is committed, loyal and loving. If your Scorpio makes snarky comments about you in front of others or behind your back it’s an obvious sign he no longer respects you.

He keeps secrets

If you’re only at the beginning of a relationship, this isn’t a sign he’s done with you, but it might seem that way. Scorpios keep their feelings close to their chest before they know they can trust you. Scorpios have a reputation for being mysterious, but he’s only hiding from you because he’s afraid.

After all, if he bares his soul to you, who knows how you can use that sensitive information to undermine him? He needs to trust you — implicitly — to give you the keys to his heart. He may indeed love you, but it’s not easy for him to utter the words. Not until he’s made sure they won’t come back and haunt him.

How to win back a Scorpio man

If you’ve cheated on him and broken his trust, there isn’t much you can do to salvage the relationship. You cannot win back a Scorpio after a betrayal, but if you’re patient he might forgive you.

However, if you’re unsure what has happened to make you drift apart, and there wasn’t a betrayal, then there are a few things to try.

Ask for honesty

If your Scorpio is not acting like himself and becoming detached, ask him straight up if there is an issue. A Scorpio man likes honesty in a partner, but he himself can be full of secrets. He might not realise he’s being hypocritical by not being honest with you.

Don’t be afraid to push for the truth to set you both free. Give him eye contact and speak directly. Perhaps it will be something that can be worked on, or perhaps it’s something more serious. Either way, an honest conversation is the first step to working things out.

Give him space

If he asks for space, give him it. Your Scorpio might be going through an internal evolution. Give him space to figure out his thoughts and feelings as he navigates his new path.

Scorpios can spend lots of time in their heads, brooding and thinking and sometimes getting a bit stuck in negative emotions. However as time passes they can suddenly rise from this dark place with a new outlook, but they need time to regenerate.

That being said, space shouldn’t be unlimited. If you’re confused about why he needs space or if it’s taking too long, don’t be afraid to ask for an answer.

Ask yourself if this is what you really want

Before you bend over backwards to win him back, check that this is the best path forward for you. It’s easy to feel desperate to have something back if we feel like we have lost it. However, this can cloud our judgement of what we truly want.

Reflect back on the relationship. Was it good for you? Was it truly what you wanted and deserve? Perhaps a clean break is best for both of you.

Pursue yourself for a while

Focus on yourself for a little bit and continue in your own life and growth. This will give him space, but it also allows you to heal a little so you can view the situation from a rational point of view rather than from loss.

Remind him of the good times you had

This doesn’t mean texting him a list of all your memories. Rather, carry on with your life and enjoy fun activities and hobbies that perhaps you used to do together. If these are posted on social media, chances are that he will see these and be reminded of the things you did together.

Apologise if needed

If you were in the wrong and you broke his trust, apologise genuinely to him and own up to what was said or done. Owning up and honesty is always the best way forward, for both parties. A Scorpio man has a hard time processing feelings of anger and resentment, especially if he feels you’re not empathetic or sorry for what was done. Validate his feelings and make sure he feels heard.

However, only apologise if it’s something you’re genuinely sorry for. Scorpio men can be manipulative if they’re in a negative mindset, and he may try to make you feel guilty or wrong even when it’s not justified, just to have you feel pain too.

Talk to family and friends

It’s a good idea to ask your support around you about the relationship. Perhaps they have seen something that you missed in the relationship. If you have been with someone for a long time, or you’ve been swept up in emotions it can be hard to look at something rationally. You could see a relationship coach or counsellor too, who might help shed light on where things went wrong in the relationship.

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