Scorpio Mars Woman- A Complex Character

Mars is a powerful planet that leaves its mark on all the signs. But the impact of the Mars sign tends to be elevated if it is placed in the water sign of Scorpio.

A woman with Mars in Scorpio on her natal chart is determined, charming, and ambitious. Her presence is felt in every room, and she puts all her energy into her goals. 

But to understand this type of Scorpio woman, we must look more in-depth at the energy Mars brings into her life and how she can manifest it. 

Scorpio in night sky.

Mars and Scorpio, two powerful energies 

Mars is known as the God of War and the ruler of the cardinal fire sign of Aries. Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Pluto. However, in traditional astrology, Scorpio was ruled by Mars* until Pluto was discovered in 1930.

Mars and Scorpio have passionate energy and the gene to fight for a cause. And this is amplified when the red planet Mars finds a home in the sign of Scorpio. 

Mars in astrology 

Mars is the planet that rules action, desire, and sexuality but also survival instincts and reactions. It brings out our raw instincts. It is the planet that can make or break essential aspects of our life. Mars also represents aggression and anger, as well as ambition and determination. 

When it represents our sexuality, Mars focuses on physical rather than emotional attraction. It is the planet that represents our sexual chemistry and instincts. The same raw energy is found in the causes we fight for. 

We look at the sign of Mars to see how the native expresses aggression and sexual energy. By sign, Mars gives us a glance into the native’s character and how they express it, particularly when upset or angry.

We can also see a person’s competitive nature by looking at the placement of Mars in their chart. By house, Mars shows us where we are most likely to express our competitive nature. Our enthusiasm shines here, and we feel most determined to excel in our goals. 

When Mars is harmonized with other planets in the chart, it makes us assertive, determined, and ambitious. This planet also gives us an intense sense of adventure, and we will be more willing to take calculated risks.

However, a challenged Mars can make us too aggressive, reckless in the risks we are taking, unstable, and unreliable. 

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The sign of Scorpio

Scorpio is one of the four fixed signs, along with Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo. According to modern astrology, it is also a water sign ruled by Pluto. Before Pluto was discovered, Scorpio was under the direct rule of Mars, along with Aries. 

People born under the sign of Scorpio between October 23rd and November 21st are very intuitive and profound. To some degree, they are also mysterious and very charming people.

They are loyal and passionate about everything important to them. The passion of Scorpios is similar to the passion fire signs have. 

The fact that Scorpios don’t like to talk about their feelings doesn’t mean they don’t have profound emotions. These people are intense and spiritual, and many of them discover that they have psychic abilities.

They constantly analyze people and situations, and they have a high level of self-awareness. Scorpios are prone to overthinking a lot more than other zodiac signs. 

A Scorpio can be kind, loyal, passionate, and very sensitive when it comes to people they love, but at the same time, they can be cold towards those that hurt them. While this sign does not enjoy confrontations, Scorpios will not refrain from voicing their opinions and stand their ground. 

It might take years to earn the trust of a Scorpio, but once you make it into their inner circle, you will discover one of the kindest, most protective, and most loyal friends. Scorpio individuals make deep connections with their close friends.

Scorpio Mars woman personality traits 

A woman with Mars in Scorpio will be a true presence, regardless of her zodiac sign. She has an intensity specific to her and is not afraid to express it. The energy of Mars and the intensity of Scorpio make her a fighter with a spiritual insight that helps her stay focused and in tune with her higher self.

Scorpio Mars women know what they want and are not afraid to pursue it. Failure doesn’t stop them, but it empowers their determination. 

Positive personality traits 


The intuition of a Scorpio Mars woman is unmatched, she has a natural ability that gives her the upper hand in this area. Scorpio brings the ability to see beyond the surface and read people sometimes at first glance.

Mars comes to amplify that and get the hidden truths into the light. But she will not act on her intuition recklessly. She will use it constantly and only decide to voice it in matters truly important to her.

However, she will always use her gift of seeing through people to her advantage and in a way that gives her a great sense of personal power that will benefit her life, even if this needs to be done in an obvious manner. They have an uncanny ability to sense the energy of others in a way that might even surprise them.


Scorpio Mars women could be a storm of emotions inside and still look calm on the outside. They experience everything at a very intense level and tend to internalize the emotional experiences in their life in a profound manner.

They will show their feelings or talk about them only with those few people who gained their trust and have built an emotional connection with them. A Scorpio Mars woman needs to rely on the people in their life before they open up to them.

They put their soul into everything they do and are very much emotionally involved in the lives of their loved ones. 

Scorpio Mars women feel all kinds of emotions at a higher intensity than others. They experience joy with the same passion that they experience anger and sadness. They are not the type of person to let all their feelings show but know that they experience them at a very intense level, giving them a great understanding of the situations they go through. 


While Mars doesn’t bring much spiritual energy, Scorpio makes up for that. Scorpio is one of the most spiritual signs, along with Pisces. A woman with Scorpio Mars will not just be in touch with her spirituality and psychic abilities but also act on them.

Their intuition is also related to their spiritual abilities and skill of feeling the essence of a situation and can sense people’s authentic energy. 

These women will rarely act against their instinct as their higher self knows better. They could be talented in various spiritual practices such as psychic or medium activities, and they are very much in touch with their dreams.

The dreams of a Scorpio Mars woman could play a significant role in her life. She will pay attention to the messages she receives through her dreams and learn from them. These women are in touch with their subconscious mind and know how to use it to benefit their conscious life. 


Mars in Scorpio brings a lot of determination. Nothing stays in this woman’s path when she sets her mind on a goal, she has a powerful drive that sets her striving to great lengths to achieve those goals. She applies all her knowledge, works hard and diligently, and is not the kind of woman to be put down by failure.

When a Scorpio Mars woman fails, she becomes even more determined to succeed and rarely gives up on her dreams, achieving them by sheer force of will. They are very efficient women and rarely waste their time on things that don’t matter to them. 

Mars could also bring an obsession towards her work and make her so determined to succeed in her professional life that she doesn’t accept any other outcome. But this determination can also be seen in other aspects of her life. She will fight for what she wants, regardless of what that is or who stays in her way. 


A woman with Mars in Scorpio in her natal chart will also be sensual. She is connected to her sexuality and owns it to her potential. Such a woman will be aware of her charm and know when and how to use it to her benefit.

She can separate romantic affairs from sexual affairs and wants to experience both at the most intense levels. Her sex drive takes her sexual experiences to new heights, enjoying passionate lovers with an emotional intensity that is very fulfilling.

Most likely, Scorpio Mars women will have no limits in fulfilling their fantasies and manifesting their sexual desires in a way that satisfies them. 

Challenging personality traits 

Scorpio Mars women are fair and know when to forgive and forget and when to turn the cold shoulder. They are not women that will trust someone again after they have been hurt and will not forget the disappointment and pain they went through. 


When a Scorpio Mars woman is hurt, she can become vengeful and can take things in a dark direction. This tends to happen when she is deeply disappointed by someone she trusts, like a close friend, partner, or another family member.

With Mars in Scorpio, revenge is a form of closure that offers intense satisfaction and a sense of justice. If this woman seeks revenge, it will be in the most intelligent and calculated manner. She will not act spontaneously or recklessly but will ensure that her desire for revenge is satisfied so she can move on with her life. 

The best way to avoid this energy manifesting on you is to not hurt a Scorpio Mars woman. She might not seek revenge for every disappointment she goes through, but when her eyes are set on a target, she will not have peace until she completes her plan. Scorpio Mars women are not mean but capable of taking their justice and fate into their own hands. 


Even if she doesn’t see revenge for her pain, she will not forget and forgive easily. It is nearly impossible to make a Scorpio Mars woman forgive those who hurt her and even harder to make her forget. Her memory of past mistakes serves here as an archive of lessons she learned and grew stronger. 

If this woman is not moving past something you did to her, you will know. At best, she will act as if you don’t exist, at worst she will try to get back at you for the pain you caused her.

Prone to entertaining mind-games 

Mars in Scorpio creates a high energy level for all types of mind games, this is a powerful tool for this woman. If she needs to create a scenario to reach her objectives and manipulate people on her path, she will do so. And she has all the skills to manifest her agenda through mind games and deceitful tactics.

While Mars is not bringing much of this energy, the sign of Scorpio is no stranger to such strategies. And when Mars resides in this chart, its energy of action will fuel the manipulative tactics the native might think about, manifesting them into reality. 

broken heart

Thirst for control

Scorpios desire to control as Pluto rules them, and Mars does nothing to diminish it. Mars might add fire to this original desire and make it a goal. The Scorpio Mars woman will love to be in control of her life, her relationship, and even other situations. She has an ego, and her ego has a voice that will be heard often by those around her. 

This desire to be in control is a major theme for her and it can create power struggles with other people and even break her closest relationships. But the more she matures and learns to balance her ego and her sense of self, the better she will get at using this intense force for her benefit. 

The desires of Mars in Scorpio

The desires of a Scorpio Mars woman are diverse, and they are all important to her. She establishes what she wants early on and is determined to pursue them. Scorpio Mars women want to shine just like a fire sign would, and they don’t like to settle for less. 

A woman with Mars in Scorpio wants the best and most compatible relationship and the best position at her workplace. She wants her children to excel in school and life and is determined to make all that happen with her strengths. 

They have high standards for their friends and partners. These women don’t allow people easily into their intimate life. They test them in various ways before offering them an important spot in their inner circle. 

In terms of a partner, a Scorpio Mars woman will look for someone who can keep up with her passion and ambition at all levels. They need a partner who is both a lover and a fighter. One who knows the value of these two character traits.

She will be attracted to complex and somewhat introverted men. She likes to discover them slowly rather than know everything about them from the first date. A mars in Scorpio woman will want a partner to rely on when facing her darkest moments. A man who will not judge or try to change her but rather enjoy being by her side however she is. 


In relationships, Scorpio Mars women want to find the same intensity they bring to their intimate life. She wants to explore the highest fantasies with her partner and feel secure to express her deepest emotions. 

These women are very attractive and well aware of their sex appeal and embrace their sexual nature. They know how to use their feminine wiles to flirt in a way that brings them the attention they seek with minimum effort. Many times, their vibrant sex appeal will bring them even the attention they don’t necessarily seek. 

Scorpio Mars women don’t have time for superficial connections. They are upfront and honest with their partner and maintain healthy communication with them. Even if they only get into a relationship for physical attraction, they will not commit fully to it unless they feel emotionally compatible.

These women need more than a good, intimate life to stay committed. They expect their partner to keep them interested through their complex personality and mysterious vibe. 

When they meet their soul mate, Scorpio Mars, women are completely devoted to them. They are supportive and don’t look outside the relationship to fulfill their desires.

A woman will be more than a lover in such a compatible relationship. She will be a team player and a support system for her partner and protect her relationship with everything she has. 

She will always cherish her need for freedom. While she could become possessive of her partner, she will not tolerate the same attitude back. Scorpio Mars women want to be in a steady relationship but it has to be the right relationship for them.

They don’t force connections that seem unhealthy and don’t waste their energy in relationships that seem to have no future. 

Career and professional life

Professional life is the perfect environment for a Scorpio Mars woman to manifest her leadership and need for control. She will be ambitious and determined to reach the top position in the company or the best freelancing projects. She constantly perfects her skills and understands that life is a constant learning journey. 

Because she wants to be the best at her work, she will constantly look at her skills. Especially how she can use them to maximize her opportunities. She will take her desire for intellectual pursuits, and power play and push out of her comfort zone to achieve greatness in her career.

Scorpio by itself is a very career-orientated sign. Scorpios seek success and sometimes fame to find happiness as they understand it. When Mars comes to amplify this desire for success, there are few limits to what such a woman can achieve in life. 

The best career path would be leadership that brings her consistent financial motivation and difficult situations for her to master. It is important to look at the house of Mars to get a clue about the type of domain that would align with the Scorpio Mars woman’s purpose in life.

But regardless of the domain, she will likely succeed and become incredibly successful at it. 

Financial perspective

Money and, in general, financial aspects are of great importance for the Scorpio Mars woman. She is determined to earn her money through her hard work and sharp skills. She will not be satisfied with an average life in terms of financial possibilities. 

A Scorpio Mars woman will also seek a man who is stable financially, at a minimum. She will be most attracted to powerful men that are wealthy and experts in their field of work. They will not waste money or give it away without a good reason.

While these women like a luxurious life, they are also very financially calculated. They like to think ahead and put savings aside for rainy days too. 

It won’t be a surprise if a Scorpio Mars woman is interested in investments and often sees financial opportunities where others don’t. She has a sense of money and seems to attract it throughout her life. 

Best matches for Scorpio Mars women 

While a Scorpio Mars woman might find her ideal partner among all the zodiac signs, certain signs are more compatible with this Mars placement than others. 

Scorpio men 

Scorpio men can attract and intrigue a woman with Mars in Scorpio. They possess strength and mystery, the two main qualities a woman looks for in a partner.

A Scorpio man will also be up for all the exploration a Scorpio Mars woman wants to do emotionally and sexually. Their sexual stamina will be well-matched bringing a lot of exciting times to their sex life.

He will find her fascinating in her determination to unveil the truth and dig deep into the potential of their relationship. 

Aquarius men 

Aquarius men could also be an excellent match for Scorpio Mars women. They are supportive and calm, leaving her room for self-expression. An Aquarius man could be the rock a woman needs to succeed. And if they are deeply in love, the Aquarius partner will be more than willing to open up and let his lady into his own charming, inner world. 

Leo men 

Leo men bring a certain charm that is difficult to resist, and Scorpio Mars women will be attracted to that. The success of this relationship depends on the positive aspects in the charts of both individuals and their synastry, but the potential is present.

In the short term, they will be fascinated with each other, and their connection will be based on mutual admiration and a strong desire to know each other. Some obstacles might appear in the long run, such as power struggles and ego clashes.

But they will overcome such challenges if they mature emotionally and are wise enough to put their connection first. 

Taurus men 

This sign is ruled by Venus, bringing sensitivity and romanticism that the action-orientated Mars in Scorpio needs. Taurus men will also offer the comfort and stability a Scorpio Mars woman needs to manifest her true potential.

They will support each other, and most importantly, they will complete each other in a way that allows both of them to grow. 

Final thoughts 

Scorpio Mars women are some of the strongest women you will find, as well as best friends and lovers. They know how to set up their goals in a realistic manner and apply their skills to achieve them. These women are also very spiritual, so they will always stay in touch with their higher selves and the complexity of their world. 

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