Mars in Virgo, Moon in Aquarius Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Virgo will attempt to apply his specific methodologies to the relationship, and this will clash with Moon in Aquarius’ need to do things her way. However, both these signs are eccentric, and this commonality may be what keeps them together.

Mars in Virgo has specific solutions. He can become obsessive about doing things the “right” way. The best partner for him will accommodate this, while not allowing his focus on perfection to dominate the relationship. Mars in Virgo’s efforts are based on his desire to make things better, but they are also his way of creating crisis as a vehicle for improvement. His partner should also understand that his routines are sacred. He’s open to change, but he’s not open to interference with his solutions.

Moon in Aquarius needs to have things her way. She’s not controlling; she values freedom too much. But she is incredibly stubborn, especially if her partner insists on doing something that limits her freedom, alone time or peculiar habits. The stereotype of “revolutionary” is applied to her sign, but Moon in Aquarius does have habits — they’re just atypical. For the most part, she is open to almost anything her partner does or suggests, as long as those things do not conflict with her individuation.

Mars in Virgo will obsess about the little things that Moon in Aquarius won’t care about. The challenges to this will involve their mismatched set of priorities, as Virgo’s focus on crisis barely impacts Aquarius. Mars in Virgo may get bent out of shape about this, until he realizes that Aquarius’ detached perspective won’t change. The positives in this mismatch can be revealed if these two accept each other’s differences. If Virgo can avoid insisting that Aquarius do things a certain way, Aquarius’ detachment can remind him that he only has so much control. Virgo and Aquarius should recognize that they are both quirky individuals who dislike having anyone interfere with their approaches. If they agree to respect each other’s areas of concern, this odd union can work out.

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