How to Tell if Venus in Aries Likes You Back

Credit: no_limit_pictures via iStockphoto

Credit: no_limit_pictures via iStockphoto


So you’ve got your eye on a Venus in Aries person. This planet/sign combo doesn’t hold back when indicating attraction. Venus in a Mars-ruled sign means passion and directness are in order, so you won’t have to guess if he or she is into you. But winning Venus in Aries’ affection is a bit more complicated.

The Challenge

Are you ready to fight for what you want? You may not have to literally put up your fists, but Venus in Aries is attracted to courage and boldness. If you can demonstrate these qualities, you have an excellent chance of grabbing her attention. She wants someone who’s not afraid to put his feelings on the line, and someone who knows exactly what he wants. She’s attracted to directness, and her response will be just as direct: yes or no. She won’t be coy, so if you’re not sure if she’s into you, she probably isn’t. If she is into you, she won’t be shy about touching you and making direct eye contact. And these gestures will not be platonic.

She may make things a bit difficult for you. She loves challenges, so she may want you to prove yourself. If there’s some risk involved, even better. What this consists of will depend on the rest of her chart. It could range from joining her on a free-climbing expedition to breaking your company’s no-dating rule and asking her out. If she has other suitors, she’ll want you to compete for her affection. Bonus points if someone else is interested in you. This will fire her competitive spirit, and she’ll indicate (not so subtly) that she’s the one you should be focusing on. Watch for aggressive flirting, with a bold sexual vibe. She knows she’s hot, and she’s not shy about it.

Now What?

You’ve successfully proved to Venus in Aries that you’re up for his challenge.  At first, he won’t hold back his passionate expressions. You’ll think no one has even been as committed as this guy, because of his sheer force of will. He’ll want you, and only you, ASAP, all the time. Even better, he’ll want the relationship to keep moving forward. There will be no hesitation, and no shrinking back from total involvement in your life. There may be plenty of talk about your future with him. At times, you may feel that he’s racing ahead when the two of you haven’t even established what you’re doing today. Routine is a buzz kill for Venus in Aries, and “what’s next” keeps him happy.

Progress is great, but eventually, even the most vital relationship will hit a point when things stop being fresh and new. This is when Venus in Aries will start to get restless, and you’ll be confronted with his unexpected complexity. He really wants to be with someone, but he’s essentially independent. There may be abrupt confrontations and moodiness. If he’s frustrated, it means he’s getting bored. What happens next will depend on his self-awareness. Know that he is attracted to conflict. He’ll do better in a partnership where there’s some adventure and vitality. If that’s lacking, he may trigger conflict by withholding his affection. This creates a mini crisis, which will get him fired up, and he’ll renew the bonds of passion because suddenly everything feels vital again. Obviously this is not the healthiest way to conduct a relationship, although some form of conflict may always be present in a Venus in Aries partnership. He doesn’t want to get too comfortable.

It’s possible for him to wander, because he’s attracted to risk and newness. This is more likely to happen if his existing relationship becomes stagnant. In general, a confident, autonomous partner with a strong sense of direction in life will keep him happy.

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