Mars in Libra, Moon in Sagittarius Compatibility

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Flickr photo by badjonni via Creative Commons license

Mars in Libra’s charming approach will touch Moon in Sagittarius’ optimistic heart, resulting in a dynamic, cheerful couple. Sag needs her own space, and Mars in Libra will give her this. Although his primary drive is to be part of a couple, once he’s in a relationship, he’s uncomfortable if things get too intense.

Mars in Libra will pull out all the stops to initiate a romance. But once he’s got what he wants, he finds it easier to commit if things don’t get too heavy. He’ll do what it takes to keep his partner happy, but Mars in Libra will avoid direct conflict and emotional scenes. This doesn’t mean he’s a relationship lightweight, but it does mean that he’s best suited to a partner who understands his distaste for intensity. Also, his lover should accept that while he may instinctively flirt with (and be attracted to) others, this doesn’t devalue his commitment to her.

Moon in Sagittarius needs something to look forward to. She’s most comfortable when there’s a sense of “more” on the horizon, and when her partner is ready to join her on the journey. Moon in Sag will lift her partner up with her good moods, but she’ll become restless and unhappy if she feels restricted. Her laid-back approach to most things may rub her partner the wrong way, if he thinks she’s mocking something that’s important to him.

Mars in Libra’s romantic efforts will seem a bit precious to Sagittarius, because she really doesn’t care about all the frou-frou. But she will be drawn to Libra’s charm, and she’ll appreciate that he always knows when to back off and give her room. Mars in Libra will sense that Sagittarius is not overly concerned with the whole couple thing, and this will encourage him to try even harder. But they’ll make it work, because her relaxed attitude will be just what he wants. If someone else does catch his eye, she won’t panic or blow it out of proportion. Together, they’ll create a fun-loving union where each has room to be themselves.

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